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  • Coded Message
  • Quest Item
  • "The words are indecpiherable without some sort of key."

Coded Message is dropped by Caden Shadowgaze at the Altar of Storms in the Blasted Lands.

It is also provided for N Rogue [98 - 110] Codebreaker.

The Uncrowned Shadow then pickpockets another one from a Suspicious City Guard in Stormwind City.

As a quest objective


  • In Stormwind, it can also be pickpocketed from a Town Crier, but the flavor referring to a guard remains the same.

Patch changes

Other versions

  • Codebreaker

    • Coded Message
    • Quest Item
    • Use: Use the Fel Cipher to decrypt the contents of the message. (30 Sec Cooldown)
  • The Unseen Blade

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