The Coffer of Promise in the Temple of Uldum.

The Cradle of the Ancients after power of the Coffer turn it lush and verdant again.

Coffer of Promise is a fixed device located at the Temple of Uldum, and then Cradle of the Ancients in Uldum.


Little is known about the Coffer of Promise except for that it is one of the key artifacts for all of Azeroth. Safeguarded in the Titan facility of Uldum, for thousands of years it was safe behind the cloaking device veiling the entire region. After the Cataclysm, Deathwing enlisted allies to recover the coffer for him. It holds the disks that are the actual key to the reorigination device, used by the Titans to wipe 'failed' worlds and reform them into their original state, as well as the ability to activate a life creation and restoration device in the Cradle of the Ancients. Deathwing plans to use the device for his own agenda. The coffer itself is hidden within Temple of Uldum behind its own magical shield. The shield itself is connected to the obelisks of Uldum: the Obelisks of the Sun, Moon and Stars. Only if those three are activated can the coffer be accessed.


The Coffer of Promise is a centerpiece of the questline starting with N [30-35] Take it to 'Em!, and culminating with the quest N [30-35] The Coffer of Promise. N [30-35] Harrison Jones and the Temple of Uldum gives you the  In a Thousand Years Even You Might be Worth Something achievement.



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While its purpose is never made clear, the promise/covenant of the coffer may be that the titans or keepers would not activate the reorigination device on Azeroth unless certain conditions were met.


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