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"The Collapse" redirects here. For the quest, see H [71] The Collapse. For the scenario sometimes called the Collapse, see Withered Army Training.
The Collapse

The Collapse is a tunnel that leads to the Lair of Harjatan. It opens where Goroth was standing after he dies, opposite the Apostate's Reach. This is possibly the section of the Tomb of Sargeras that Illidan Stormrage collapsed on top of Maiev Shadowsong and her troops after retrieving the Eye of Sargeras. When entered, Illidan comments on his use of naga to retrieve the Eye.[1]


  1. ^ Illidan Stormrage says: Few understood my use of the naga to obtain the Eye of Sargeras, but it was a necessary tactic to secure the future of Azeroth. Let nothing stop you from doing what needs to be done!