NeutralCommander Ameer
Image of Commander Ameer
Title <The Protectorate>
Gender Male
Race Ethereal (Humanoid)
Level 25-30
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Protectorate
Occupation Commander
Location Protectorate Watch Post, Netherstorm[59, 32]

Commander Ameer is an ethereal quest giver located at the Protectorate Watch Post in the Netherstorm. He is the head officer of the Protectorate in Outland. After the initial quest, he interacts through a projection of himself.



What do you know about ethereals, fleshling?
You undoubtedly view us all in the same light, oblivous to the conflicts and struggles between the differing factions.
Perhaps it is time for an introduction. I am Commander Ameer of the Protectorate - also your only hope of resolving the infestation of both void creature and Ethereum in the area.

Gossip What are Ethereum?

The Ethereum were the ruling class of ethereal on my homeworld of K'aresh. Tragically, we were forced to evacuate K'aresh shortly before the void lord, Dimensius, unleashed his void armies upon the world and utterly decimated all that stood in his way. For this act, the Ethereum vowed vengeance. They have been tracking Dimensius ever since...
The Protectorate, however, were not a reaction to Dimensius. We were a reaction to Ethereum.

Gossip I don't understand. What do you mean, Ameer?

The Ethereum have grown dark... twisted. Vengeance has become their only recourse and any that would stand in their way or not join their cause are considered enemies. Many saw that the Ethereum were plummeting into madness and left. Several of the Nexus-Princes of the Ethereum council abandoned the Ethereum to form other groups and factions with different goals. The Consortium are one such example of an off-shoot group. The Protectorate another...

Gossip So what is you purpose?

We feel that the Ethereum are as great a threat to our existence as Dimensius. Both must be stopped...

Gossip I think I understand now. Can I help with any of this? The Ethereum and the void creatures are a threat to our survival as well.

  • Image of Commander Ameer says: Copy that, Araxes. Backup is on the way. Hold your position. I repeat, hold your position.
Image of Commander Ameer says: Ameer, over and out.

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