NeutralCommander Oxheart
Image of Commander Oxheart
Title <Valor Quartermaster>
Gender Female
Race Pandaren (Humanoid)
Level 25-35
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Niuzao sentinels
Occupation Commander
Location Niuzao Temple, Townlong Steppes[37.9, 64.6]
Status Alive

Commander Oxheart is a quartermaster. She can be found at Niuzao Temple in Townlong Steppes. She sells all of the Valor items that were added in Patch 5.0, but none of the Operation: Shieldwall or Dominance Offensive items added in patch 5.1.

She is additionally the Tier 14 token redeemer.


Pointer repair on 32x32.png This vendor offers a repair service.

Cloth armor
Item Slot Cost
 [Firecracker Corona] Head 373g 2s
 [Yalia's Cowl] Head 374g 35s
 [Tenderheart Shoulders] Shoulder 375g 68s
 [Mantle of the Golden Sun] Shoulder 341g 7s
 [Vestments of Thundering Skies] Chest 455g 73s
 [Robe of the Five Sisters] Chest 457g 45s
 [Bracers of Inlaid Jade] Wrist 323g 66s
 [Minh's Beaten Bracers] Wrist 233g 55s
 [Gloves of Red Feathers] Hands 234g 49s
 [Sunspeaker's Flared Gloves] Hands 235g 38s
 [Klaxxi Lash of the Orator] Waist 236g 29s
 [Klaxxi Lash of the Seeker] Waist 237g 19s
 [Poisoncrafter's Kilt] Legs 478g 63s
 [Leggings of the Poisoned Soul] Legs 480g 40s
 [Storm-Sing Sandals] Feet 352g 98s
 [Void Flame Slippers] Feet 354g 30s
Leather armor
Item Slot Cost
 [Red Smoke Bandana] Head 341g 18s
 [Snowdrift Helm] Head 351g 72s
 [Imperion Spaulders] Shoulder 342g 40s
 [Whitepetal Shouldergarb] Shoulder 343g 73s
 [Softfoot Silentwrap] Chest 500g 14s
 [Mistfall Robes] Chest 501g 91s
 [Quillpaw Family Bracers] Wrist 249g 69s
 [Clever Ashyo's Armbands] Wrist 250g 58s
 [Ogo's Elder Gloves] Hands 236g 27s
 [Fingers of the Loneliest Monk] Hands 237g 16s
 [Klaxxi Lash of the Borrower] Waist 234g 54s
 [Klaxxi Lash of the Harbinger] Waist 234g 40s
 [Wind-Reaver Greaves] Legs 482g 17s
 [Dreadsworn Slayer Legs] Legs 483g 94s
 [Tukka-Tuk's Hairy Boots] Feet 341g 14s
 [Boots of the High Adept] Feet 351g 69s
Mail armor
Item Slot Cost
 [Hawkmaster's Headguard] Head 355g 70s
 [Nightwatcher's Helm] Head 362g 30s
 [Mindbender Shoulders] Shoulder 345g 2s
 [Windwalker Spaulders] Shoulder 346g 34s
 [Robes of the Setting Sun] Chest 496g 64s
 [Breastplate of the Golden Pagoda] Chest 498g 36s
 [Tiger-Striped Wristguards] Wrist 241g 55s
 [Brewmaster Chani's Bracers] Wrist 248g 82s
 [Sentinel Commander's Gauntlets] Hands 238g 3s
 [Ravenmane's Gloves] Hands 240g 68s
 [Klaxxi Lash of the Winnower] Waist 250g 48s
 [Klaxxi Lash of the Precursor] Waist 233g 64s
 [Swarmkeeper's Leggings] Legs 485g 67s
 [Locust Swarm Legguards] Legs 500g 14s
 [Steps of the War Serpent] Feet 364g 88s
 [Sandals of the Elder Sage] Feet 375g 71s
Plate armor
Item Slot Cost
 [Six Pool's Open Helm] Head 343g 76s
 [Yi's Least Favorite Helmet] Head 352g 98s
 [Voice Amplyifying Greathelm] Head 367g 61s
 [Stonetoe Spaulders] Shoulder 347g 67s
 [Shoulders of Autumnlight] Shoulder 349g
 [Paleblade Shoulderguards] Shoulder 350g 29s
 [Dawnblade's Chestguard] Chest 468g 9s
 [Cuirass of the Twin Monoliths] Chest 468g 96s
 [Battleguard of Guo-Lai] Chest 473g 39s
 [Braided Black and White Bracer] Wrist 238g 90s
 [Battle Shadow Bracers] Wrist 239g 76s
 [Fallen Sentinel Bracers] Wrist 240g 65s
 [Gloves of the Overwhelming Swarm] Hands 238g 92s
 [Streetfighter's Iron Knuckles] Hands 239g 81s
 [Gauntlets of Jade Sutras] Hands 241g 57s
 [Klaxxi Lash of the Rescinder] Waist 247g 83s
 [Klaxxi Lash of the Consumer] Waist 248g 72s
 [Klaxxi Lash of the Doubter] Waist 249g 59s
 [Kovok's Riven Legguards] Legs 501g 91s
 [Ambersmith Legplates] Legs 455g 73s
 [Legguards of the Unscathed] Legs 457g 45s
 [Tankiss Warstompers] Feet 359g 61s
 [Yu'lon Guardian Boots] Feet 362g 27s
 [Bramblestaff Boots] Feet 363g 56s
Item Cost
 [Cloak of the Dark Disciple] 367g 57s
 [Yi's Cloak of Courage] 342g 51s
 [Blackguard Cape] 343g 80s
 [Cloak of Snow Blossoms] 345g 12s
 [Sagewhisper's Wrap] 346g 45s
Amulets and Trinkets
Item Slot Cost
 [Bloodseeker's Solitaire] Neck 202g 91s
 [Choker of the Klaxxi'va] Neck 203g 64s
 [Paragon's Pale Pendant] Neck 204g 40s
 [Links of the Lucid] Neck 205g 16s
 [Wire of the Wakener] Neck 205g 92s
 [Lao-Chin's Liquid Courage] Trinket 398g 22s
 [Scroll of Revered Ancestors] Trinket 399g 70s
 [Blossom of Pure Snow] Trinket 401g 22s
 [Hawkmaster's Talon] Trinket 402g 74s
 [Iron Belly Wok] Trinket 404g 26s
Item Slot Cost
 [Ring of the Golden Stair] Finger 303g 11s
 [Anji's Keepsake] Finger 304g 22s
 [Alani's Inflexible Ring] Finger 305g 34s
 [Simple Harmonius Ring] Finger 306g 42s
 [Leven's Circle of Hope] Finger 307g 53s
Legendary item replacements
Item Cost Quest
 [Crystallized Horror] 10,000g BotBP
 [Crystallized Terror] 10,000g BotBP
 [Crystallized Dread] 10,000g BotBP
 [Eye of the Black Prince] 2,500g CotP/TSotH
 [Capacitive Primal Diamond] 5 Primal Diamond TCoH
 [Courageous Primal Diamond] 5 Primal Diamond TCoH
 [Indomitable Primal Diamond] 5 Primal Diamond TCoH
 [Sinister Primal Diamond] 5 Primal Diamond TCoH

Patches and hotfixes

  • Warlords of Draenor Patch 6.0.2 (2014-10-14): Most items that formerly had a Valor and Justice Point cost now cost gold instead.
  • Mists of Pandaria Hotfix (2013-01-08): Commander Oxheart in Townlong Steppes will now sell Crystallized Dread, Crystallized Terror, Crystallized Horror, and Eye of the Black Prince for gold to players that have completed the appropriate quest lines.
  • Mists of Pandaria Patch 5.0.4 (2012-08-28): Added.

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