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BossCommander Sarannis
Image of Commander Sarannis
Gender Female
Race Blood elf (Humanoid)
Level 20-30 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) The Bloodwarder, Sunfury
Occupation Commander
Location Botanica
Status Killable

Commander Sarannis
High Botanist Freywinn
Thorngrin the Tender
Warp Splinter


Other Tempest Keep instances

Commander Sarannis is the first boss of the Botanica wing of the Tempest Keep instance in Netherstorm. She is a blood elf warrior and is in charge of the Bloodwarder military in the Botanica. She is also entrusted with Inv misc rune 12 [The Keystone].

Adventure Guide[]

When the fallen blood elf leader, Kael'thas, seized control of the Tempest Keep, he immediately ordered Commander Sarannis to prepare defenses against whomever the naaru might send to reclaim the keep.

Attacks and abilities[]

  • Ability theblackarrow Arcane Resonance — Commander Sarannis infuses her weapon with Arcane power, granting her melee attacks a chance to increase her target's damage taken from Arcane by 1200 for 30 sec.
  • Inv sword 11 Arcane Devastation — Commander Sarannis attacks, inflicting 1200 Arcane damage for each application of Arcane Resonance on the player.
  • Ability ghoulfrenzy Double Attack — Commander Sarannis attacks twice.
  • Spell shadow darksummoning Summon Reinforcements Important — When Commander Sarannis reaches 55% remaining health, she summons 3 Bloodwarder Reservists and a Bloodwarder Mender.
Bloodwarder Mender
  • Spell shadow unholyfrenzy Mind Blast Interruptible — Bloodwarder Mender blast a player, inflicting Shadow damage.
  • Spell holy flashheal Greater Heal Interruptible — Bloodwarder Mender calls upon Holy magic to heal an ally.
  • Spell holy spiritualguidence Holy Fury Magic Effect — Bloodwarder Mender infuses an ally with Holy energy, increasing their spell power by 295 for 30 min.
Bloodwarder Reservist
  • Spell shadow ritualofsacrifice Arcane Strike — Bloodwarder Reservist strikes a player, inflicting 500 Arcane damage.


Commander Sarannis walks back and forth over a bridge. On the right end of the bridge stands her entourage, which consists of Bloodwarder Protectors and Sunseeker Stewards. The entourage will pull in groups of three (1 Steward, 2 Protectors). It is wise to ensure the Commander is pathing over to the far side of the bridge before you pull.

Though this is a pretty straightforward fight, the Commander will use Arcane Resonance (magic debuff) that increases arcane damage taken by 1200, which she stacks twice, and then attacks with an arcane damage blast. It can be dispelled, but she applies it often (If you have a back up healer and a priest, dispel it, as damage is nasty).

After 1 minute into the fight (and every subsequent minute the encounter might take) she will spawn four adds that need to be dealt with quickly, 1 elite (healer) and 3 non-elites. It is recommended that you use an AoE Fear when the adds first appear and then continue to keep the healer out of range and feared until the non-elites and the Commander are dead. Note: The healer can be sheeped. After the boss is killed, any remaining adds do not despawn. They must be killed.

The boss is both tauntable and disarmable.

A different approach is that of a priest using mind control on one of the Stewards just before the boss. The Steward will be able to easily tank, DPS, and kill the adds with its AoE, making the encounter rather easy.

Yet another approach: since the boss and adds do not really hit very hard on normal, if your group have a pally tank, you can simply have the pally aoe tanks both the boss and adds. The non-elites adds can be killed quickly, followed by the elite add, then back to the boss.

Heroic: Same fight as before, but the debuff is applied a lot more frequently. The resulting arcane-damage taken is approximately 3-4K with the debuff, so dispel this as fast as possible. She and her adds both hit a lot harder, roughly around 1800~ damage on a well-geared tank from the main-boss. Not much variation from other heroic-instances.


Normal and Heroic drops
Heroic-only drops


We must not fail our leader! Kael'thas will redeem us!
Step forward. I will see that you are properly welcomed!
Killing a player
  • Oh, stop your whimpering.
  • Mission accomplished.
Summoning her guards
Guards! Come and kill these intruders!
Arcane Resonance
You are no longer dealing with some underling.
Arcane Blast
Band'or shorel'aran!
I have not yet... begun to...


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