BossCommander Stoutbeard
Image of Commander Stoutbeard
Gender Male
Race Dwarf (Humanoid)
Level 80 Elite
Class Warrior
Reaction Horde
Location The Nexus
Status Killable
The Nexus

Kolurg (heroic Alliance)
Stoutbeard (heroic Horde)
Grand Magus Telestra
Ormorok the Tree-Shaper


Other Nexus instances

The Oculus (5)
The Eye of Eternity (10/25)

Commander Stoutbeard is a boss located in the Hall of Stasis in The Nexus. He is only available in Heroic mode. While the fight is a fairly simple tank and spank, he does cast Whirlwind quite often and non-plate melee need to get away without being hit, as they will be basically one-shotted. The range of Whirlwind seems quite wide and hits for over 20K on leather.

This fight is a carbon copy of the boss encountered by Alliance players, Commander Kolurg, with the obvious exception that he isn't an orc.

Adventure Guide

Commander Stoutbeard led his troops against some of the most dangerous enemies of the Alliance. The Halls of Stasis may have slowed him down, but the sight of Horde adventurers will get him up and running again.


  • Ability whirlwind.png  Whirlwind — Commander Stoutbeard attacks all players within 0 yards in a whirlwind of steel, inflicting Physical damage. 
  • Ability warrior battleshout.png  Battle Shout — Commander Stoutbeard increases the melee attack power of nearby allies for 2 min. 
  • Ability warrior charge.png  Charge — Commander Stoutbeard charges a player, inflicting Physical damage and stunning them for 2 sec. 
  • Ability golemthunderclap.png  Frightening Shout — Commander Stoutbeard releases a terrifying yell, fearing all players within 0 yards for 6 sec. 


Avoid his whirlwind at all costs. He also comes with two priest healers who respawn on wipes.

The strategy is mainly tank and spank and to make sure that you pull him far back enough that fear wont attract more enemies. Melee should watch out for whirlwind by standing at max melee range and moving away once you see the animation and tank should keep boss far away from any casters. Depending on the group depends on the order of killing the extra priests.



What? Where in the...don't just stand around, lads! Kill somebody!
Killing a player
Now we're gettin' somewhere!
Is that all


(Note that this video contains multiple bosses and not just this one. Also note that this is from an Alliance perspective and shows Commander Kolurg rather than Stoutbeard.)

Heroic only Bosses - Paladin Tanking Perspective


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