MobCommander Vorka
Image of Commander Vorka
Gender Male
Race Orc (Humanoid)
Level 10-40 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Iron Horde
Occupation Commadner
Location Shaz'gul, Shadowmoon Valley;
Defense of Karabor, Shadowmoon Valley
Status Killable

Commander Vorka is the leader of the Iron Horde's assault on Shadowmoon Valley and their emissary to the Shadowmoon clan.


Commander Vorka is first seen in Prophet Velen's vision of the attack on Karabor, which he shares with adventurers using the  [Clarity Elixir]. In this premonition, the commander enters the fray aback an armored rylak after his lieutenant Krull is defeated, and calls in an artillery strike that destroys the defense crystal holding the Iron Horde back. Velen struggles to hold them off, but using the power of the Dark Star, Vorka eliminates the defenders in mere seconds.[1]

Encountered in person for the first time at Shaz'gul, Vorka and his other lieutenant, Arnokk the Burner, are in discussion with the Shadowmoon over their contributions to the Iron Horde. While there, he discovers and kills a handful Rangari spies, before chiding Ner'zhul for the village’s poor security. Despite Ner'zhul's assurances that there is nothing to worry about, and that he will soon harness the power of the Dark Star, Vorka is dismissive and soon leaves.[2]

In Rulkan's vision, Vorka is present when Warchief Hellscream demands that Ner'zhul make a worthy offering to the Iron Horde.[3]

During the attack on Karabor, Vorka resides at the docks with the brunt of the army. After they defeat Arnokk and his men, he confronts the defenders of the temple personally with a shoulder-mounted cannon, his troops, and the aid of his artillery. In spite of his impressive firepower, however, he is killed in the melee.[4]


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  • Ability vehicle siegeenginecannon.png  Blazing Shot — Deals 7800 to 8200 Fire damage every 2 seconds. 
  • Ability deathwing bloodcorruption death.png  Fire Support: Black Skies — Calls for fire support from artillery at range. 
  • Ability deathwing bloodcorruption death.png  Fire Support: Blackest Skies — Calls for a massive barrage of fire support from long-range artillery, blackening the skies. 
  • Ability vehicle reloadammo.png  Grapeshot Blast — Fires a blast of grapeshot, inflicting 8,500 Physical damage and knocking the target back. 


The Fate of Karabor

ENOUGH! Play time is over. Ships, on my mark, FIRE ON THE CRYSTAL!
Calling the Dark Star
Prophet Velen says: As long as I live, Karabor shall not fall!
Commander Vorka yells: Prophet, your attempts are meaningless. Witness the TRUE might of the Iron Horde!
Prophet Velen says: I cannot… hold them… back…

Going Undercover

Commander Vorka says: Your security is lax, Chieftain. I caught these rangari spies within your gates.
Ner’zhul says: They are too late. The prisoners are already on their way to Anguish Fortress.
Ner’zhul says: Their blood will summon forth the Dark Star, and make me as a god among the Iron Horde!
Commander Vorka says: The Warchief honors deeds, not words, shadowcaster.
Commander Vorka says: Just be ready when our ships arrive at Karabor.

The Defense of Karabor

ENOUGH. Play time is over. I will deal with you myself.
Witness the TRUE power of the Iron Horde!
Iron Fleet! Darken the skies!
The skies darken with iron!
Soldiers - Come to my aid!


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