NeutralCommunication Orbs
Start Justicar Julia Celeste
End Justicar Julia Celeste
Level 10-45
Category Paladin Campaign
Experience 15,500
Rewards 16g 60s
Previous N Paladin [10-45] This Is Retribution
Next N Paladin [10-45] The Codex of Command


Destroy 3 Legion Orbs.

  • Legion Orbs destroyed (3)


We have important work at hand, Highlord.

Spread out across the legion camp are orbs that are vital to the Legion's planning and strategy.

Destroying them will severely damage their efforts. I will go with you, Highlord, to see this through.


You will receive:

  • 16g 60s
  • 15,480 XP


Without a means of communicating, our enemy will be crippled.


No... we underestimated the enemy.


Orb #1
Balnazzar says: Who's there? Jarvox, I sense intruders!
Orb #2
Balnazzar says: Jarvox, stay alert! Protect the Codex of command with your life!
Jarvox says: Do not fear, my lord. My demons will hunt down the intruders!
Orb #3
Jarvox says: Foolish paladins... I have captured one of your own! Too bad Lord Balnazzar will not be here to see his demise!
Vindicator Boros says: I will never give in to you, demon!


  1. N Paladin [10-45] An Urgent Gathering
  2. N Paladin [10-45] Weapons of Legend
  3. Acquire the chosen artifact:
  4. N Paladin [10-45] We Meet at Light's Hope
  5. N Paladin [10-45] A United Force
  6. N Paladin [10-45] Logistical Matters
  7. N Paladin [10-45] A Sound Plan
  8. N Paladin [10-45] Growing Power (optional)
  9. N Paladin [10-45] Rise, Champions
  10. N Paladin [10-45] The Blood Matriarch
  11. N Paladin [10-45] Dark Storms
  12. Complete all of:
  13. N Paladin [10-45] To Faronaar
  14. N Paladin [10-45] This Is Retribution
  15. Complete both:
  16. N Paladin [10-45] The Codex of Command
  17. N Paladin [10-45] Silver Hand Knights (optional)
  18. Complete both:
  19. N Paladin [10-45] Cracking the Codex
  20. Complete both:
  21. N Paladin [10-45] Translation: Danger!

Level 45

  1. N Paladin [45D] Black Rook Hold: Lord Ravencrest
  2. N Paladin [45] To Felblaze Ingress
  3. N Paladin [45] Aponi's Trail
  4. Complete both:
  5. N Paladin [45] United As One
  6. Complete all of:
  7. Complete all of:
  8. N Paladin [45] A Light in the Darkness
  9. N Paladin [45] Warriors of Light

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