Compact Harvest Reaper Kit

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  • Compact Harvest Reaper Kit
  • Use: Creates a Compact Harvest Reaper that will fight for you for 10 min or until it is destroyed.
  • Requires Level 30
  • Requires Engineering (175)
  • 1 Charge
  • Sell Price: 40s
A Compact Harvest Reaper


Using this item will create a Compact Harvest Reaper; a combat pet made made with Engineering. Each use lasts for 10 minutes or until destroyed, but multiple kits can be stacked for reuse. When destroyed, the watcher returns around half of the materials for recreation. Unlike many other engineered combat pets, this is a consumable item and not a trinket. Using a kit begins a ten minute cooldown before another kit may be used.


This item is created with Engineering (175); taught by trainers.

Materials required:
Inv gizmo bronzeframework 01.png 1x [Bronze Framework] Inv spear 05.png 2x [Iron Strut]
Inv misc pocketwatch 02.png 2x [Gyrochronatom] Inv misc leatherscrap 07.png 4x [Heavy Leather]

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