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NeutralThe Conclave
Main leader IconSmall Alonsus Archbishop Alonsus Faol
IconSmall Adventurer The High Priest
Secondary leaders IconSmall Naaru Saa'ra
IconSmall Velen Velen
IconSmall Moira Moira Thaurissan
Race(s) Blood elfBlood elf Blood elf
Dark Iron dwarfDark Iron dwarf Dark Iron dwarf
DwarfDwarf Dwarf
DraeneiDraenei Draenei
GnomeGnome Gnome
GoblinGoblin Goblin
HumanHuman Human
Night elfNight elf Night elf
PandarenPandaren Pandaren
TaurenTauren Tauren
TrollTroll Troll
UndeadUndead Undead
Naaru Naaru
Character classes Priest, Shadow priest
Base of operations Priest Netherlight Temple
Theater of operations Twisting Nether, Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimdor, Northrend, Broken Isles, Niskara, Argus
Language(s) Common
Affiliation Armies of Legionfall, Independent
Status Active
Quartermaster IconSmall Gnome Female Meridelle Lightspark

The Conclave is an order of priests whose order hall is a former naaru prison[1] named Netherlight Temple. They are the masters of the Light and embracers of the Void - for light cannot exist without darkness, and darkness without light.[2] They fought the Burning Legion alongside the other class orders during the demons' third invasion.



Legion This section concerns content related to Legion.

Following the Battle for Broken Shore, Alonsus Faol came into contact with a priest hero by sending a Hooded Priestess to invite them at Faol's Rest in Tirisfal Glades, in order to organize a stronger resistance to the Legion threat. There, the priest hero met Alonsus Faol accompanied by Calia Menethil, the undead introduced himself as having formerly been a leader of a church, a mindless minion of the Scourge, and a commander in a secret war, but always as a priest first. As the Legion poses a threat that cannot be ignored, he decided to step out from the shadows, believing that they must unite priesthoods of all denominations against their common enemy, before asking them if they were ready to act as their champion.[3]

After the priest hero agreed, Alonsus Faol sent them on a mission to obtain the legendary artifacts that are Inv mace 1h artifactheartofkure d 01 [T'uure, Beacon of the Naaru], Inv knife 1h artifactcthun d 01 [Xal'atath, Blade of the Black Empire], and Inv staff 2h artifacttome d 01 [Light's Wrath], in order for them to face the trials ahead.[4]

After successfully recovering them, the priest hero met Velen who want to take them somewhere, but before that, he explained that over the long years of the draenei's flight from the Burning Legion, the naaru helped them, sometimes at the cost of their very lives, and they would have perished without their aid. At last, they found a way to repay their kindness, after discovering a naaru that had turned to the void, they decided to build a prison to contain the Void god, known as Saraka the Lighteater, and study the fallen creature. A place to commune with the naaru and ponder the nature of the Twisting Nether, the Netherlight Temple. There the draenei sought to devise a ritual that could turn the naaru back to the Light, to aid their quest Alonsus Faol called together many priests to work in unison, purifying the naaru Saa'ra with the help of the priest hero, and bringing it back to the Light. Following this success, Alonsus Faol announced the creation of the Conclave as every priesthoods from all over Azeroth have agreed to donate time and resources to this new order, with a singular purpose: the defeat of the Burning Legion.[5]

During the Burning Legion's third invasion, the Conclave transformed the prison into a temple that will serve as the headquarters of their campaign, Alonsus Faol notably managed to borrow one of the dwarves' foremost experts on artifice and enchanting, Betild Deepanvil,[6] in order to empower their artifacts.[7] The Conclave then began to mobilize their priests on the Broken Isles,[8][9] where they notably save Archon Torias, a skilled researcher whose knowledge extends far beyond light and shadow who agreed to lend his expertise to their cause.[10] Subsequently the Conclave organized the recruitment of champions, especially Calia Menethil and High Priestess Ishanah,[11][12] but also the recruitment of new troops such as Group of Acolytes and Netherlight Paragons formed by Grand Anchorite Gesslar, who pledged his service to the order,[13] Band of Zealots and Dark Zealots formed by Vicar Eliza, who commanding countless devotees that do her bidding without question,[14] and finally Hooded Priests recruited by High Priestess Mourn.

After one of their shadow priest, Gilner Greymoss, fell into madness within the Sanctuary of the Void, the priests of the Conclave learned from the latter that the Void had warned him of their fate, a gruesome death.[15] Despite Alonsus' reluctance to believe the gnome, Velen asked the priest hero to join Zabra Hexx and Yalia Sagewhisper in Azsuna, so that they create an elixir to induce a vision in order to find out whether the shadow priest is lying or not.[16] After saving Zabra caught by a basilisk's gaze and Yalia captured by a herd a murlocs, while they were delivering antidotes to the front lines of Faronaar,[17] the priest hero brought the Inv potion 114 [Felbat Toxin Salve] to cure the demon hunters at Faronaar Front,[18] before bringing the elixir and the Inv jewelcrafting dragonseye03 [Lens of the Tide] to the Prophet.[19] In his vision, the Conclave learned that the dreadlord Balnazzar intended to attack the Netherlight Temple with his armies of demons, but that the hero priest would guide them to victory, all unite under the Light.[20]

Subsequently, the Conclave began to prepare for the demon assault, notably with the Spark of Light, recovering from an ascending val'kyr named Hyrja,[21] and then five Paladin holy [Pure Holy Light] gleaned from the holiest places in Azeroth,[22] in order to release them into the Netherlight Temple to creating the champion Sol with other lightspawn.[23] Later, the Conclave sent its troops to figure out who among their enemies could be a potential ally and discovered that there are a few defectors among the Scarlet Onslaught.[24] The priest hero traveled to New Hearthglen in Northrend to investigate and see if these defectors can be brought to the Light. They managed to stop and save Mariella the Heretic from her execution, while the latter decided to prove that she was worthy of a second chance by rallying and freeing other supporters of his cause,[25] and killing a large number of members of the Scarlet Onslaught.[26] After having managed to escape, Mariella Ward went to the Netherlight Temple with the priest hero, begging the forgiveness of Alonsus Faol by claiming to want to support the cause of the Conclave against the Burning Legion as new allies, what Alonsus ends up accepting in the face of the crisis they are facing. At the same time Delas Moonfang urgently presented herself to them, explaining that she has been working with Aponi Brightmane and the leader of her order, and that they have translated a codex that details the Legion's plans to establish an invasion point at Felblaze Ingress. She then requested permission to be able to take a small group of priests to accompany the paladins in their search of this demon world, in order to find Balnazzar, which Alonsus also approved.[27]

After fulfilling the first part of the prophecy, Alonsus Faol sent the priest hero to the Raven Hill Cemetery in Duskwood, in order to restore the Cult of Forgotten Shadows by helping few remaining followers of the cult near the grave of their fallen leader. They met Micah Belford who explained that they were never been ones to follow the Light, at least not in the way that most would want them to, as they embrace the Shadows, finding their faith in the balance between both extremes.[28] Micah Belford subsequently requested the help of the priest hero to recover Inv misc book 01 [Natalie's Journal], in which she noted a spell to sent her spirit to an unknown location of the Void when she knew about her inevitable death for her beliefs, however, the tome has since fallen into the hands of those who wished her dead in the first place.[29]

Following their victory, the Conclave joined the other orders, represented by Alonsus Faol,[30] to form the Armies of Legionfall. Their priests were present to repel the legion's assault on Dalaran and to fight alongside their allies during the Assault on Broken Shore. They were also present on Argus, accompanying the High Priest to fight the demons and protect the Vindicaar.

At some point during the invasion, Alonsus Faol attained the title of Archbishop of the Conclave.[31]

Battle for Azeroth[]

Battle for Azeroth This section concerns content related to Battle for Azeroth.

During the War of the Thorns, Anduin Wrynn sent someone to the Netherlight Temple to ask the Conclave priests to aid them. He felt certain that Archbishop Faol would be glad to help.[31] It's unknown if the Conclave answered this call.


Shadowlands This section concerns content related to Shadowlands.

After the Fourth War, the Conclave makes its appearance in the priest section of the Training Hall in Stormwind and the Barracks in Orgrimmar, with Patrice Lancaster, Elton Campbell, and Martin Goodchilde as priest trainers.

Member organizations[]

Notable members[]

Name Role Status Location
Neutral IconSmall Calia Calia Menethil Priestess, Champion of the Conclave Active Netherlight Temple
Neutral IconSmall Alonsus Alonsus Faol Archbishop, Champion of the Conclave, One of the three founders Active Netherlight Temple
Neutral IconSmall Troll Male Zabra Hexx Champion of the Conclave, Alchemist Alive Netherlight Temple
Neutral IconSmall Light Sol Champion of the Conclave Alive Netherlight Temple
Aldor IconSmall Draenei Female High Priestess Ishanah High Priestess, Champion of the Conclave Alive Netherlight Temple, Vindicaar, Aldor Rise
Neutral IconSmall Pandaren Female Yalia Sagewhisper Champion of the Conclave Alive Netherlight Temple
Neutral IconSmall Human Female Mariella Ward Champion of the Conclave Alive Netherlight Temple
Neutral IconSmall Human Female Natalie Seline Champion of the Conclave, Leader of the Cult of Forgotten Shadows Alive Netherlight Temple
Horde IconSmall Banshee Aelthalyste Champion of the Conclave Active Netherlight Temple, Highmountain, Undercity
Alliance IconSmall Velen Velen Leader of the Draenei, One of the Three Founders of the Conclave Alive Netherlight Temple, Exodar, Deliverance Point, Vindicaar
Alliance IconSmall Moira Moira Thaurissan Queen Reagent of the Dark Iron, One of the Three Founders of the Conclave Alive Netherlight Temple, Ironforge
Neutral IconSmall Troll Female Juvess the Duskwhisperer Keeper of Scrolls Alive Netherlight Temple
Neutral IconSmall Draenei Male Grand Anchorite Gesslar Recruiter Alive Netherlight Temple
Neutral IconSmall Human Female Lilith Armament Supplier Alive Netherlight Temple
Horde IconSmall Undead Female Dark Cleric Cecille Priest Trainer Active Netherlight Temple, Orgrimmar, Deliverance Point
Neutral IconSmall Undead Female Vicar Eliza Zealot Recruiter Active Netherlight Temple
Neutral IconSmall DarkIron Female Betild Deepanvil Master Artificer Alive Netherlight Temple
Neutral IconSmall Human Female Sister Oriel Alive Netherlight Temple
Neutral IconSmall Human Female Truth Seal of Broken Fate Exchanger Alive Netherlight Temple
Neutral IconSmall Gnome Female Meridelle Lightspark Logistics Alive Netherlight Temple
Neutral IconSmall Naaru Saa'ra Births new Lightspawn Alive Netherlight Temple
Neutral IconSmall Dwarf Male Archivist Inkforge Alive Netherlight Temple
Neutral IconSmall Draenei Female Elana Offers blessings to those who enter the Temple Alive Netherlight Temple, Deliverance Point
Neutral IconSmall BloodElf Male Archon Torias Order Hall Upgrades Alive Netherlight Temple
Neutral IconSmall Gnome Male Gilner Greymoss Alive Netherlight Temple
Neutral IconSmall Human Male Vyr Alive Netherlight Temple


They deploy Group of Acolytes, Netherlight Paragons, Band of Zealots, Dark Zealots and Hooded Priests.

  • Often just beginning on their spiritual path, Acolytes of the Conclave feel a deep desire to learn, and enthusiastically embrace tutelage and tasks.
  • Paragons of the Conclave wield the Light with precise expertise, and over the years, have become known for rigorous study and interpretation of texts.
  • Devoted clergy who undergo strict physical duress, including painful self-flagellation, Zealots of the Conclave willingly endure torment in order to achieve spiritual enlightenment.
  • The dark and secretive rites of the Dark Zealots push faithful practitioners to their breaking points and beyond. those who survive are capable of cloaking themselves entirely in shadow.
  • If you ever see a Hooded Priest walking towards you, turn around and walk the other way. Maybe even run.[32]


  • The title of the order leader was originally going to be "Cardinal". It was changed to "High Priest(ess)" during alpha. An instance of the use of "Cardinal" was left behind.[1]