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This article is about the character class. For the artifact trait, see Spell holy penance [Confession]. For the former priest ability, see Spell shadow soothingkiss [Confession].
Argent Confessor Paletress TCG

Argent Confessor Paletress in the TCG.

Confessors are men and women of faith that can be found all over Azeroth. They share the same functions as the priests in their religious institutions, where they are in charge of listening to the confessions of the faithful, giving them absolution and spiritual counsel through their wisdom.

In the Shadowlands, the confessors of Revendreth are charged with rehabilitating the sinful souls sent to them by the Arbiter.


Among its duties, the clergy of the Church of the Holy Light cares to listen to the confessions of its followers.[1] The clerics of the Brotherhood of Northshire notably employ the Invisibility spell to make the confessing of secrets that weighed heavily upon the souls of worshipers easier to speak.[2] During the Second War, it was the paladins of the Silver Hand who ministered the duties of the clergy in the churches of Lordaeron.[3]

During the Argent Tournament, the priestess Paletress of the Argent Crusade offered to the faction's champions to hear their confessions if they had any doubts, any worries, or any uncertainties, even if they are not devotees of the Holy Light. She answered their questions and guided them with her wisdom to ensure that the tournament went smoothly.[4]

It is also the duty of the confessors to ensure the rites for the dead, in order to allow the spirits to rest in peace.[5]

Night elves[]

As members of the Sisterhood of Elune, the Priestess of the Moon have a duty to listen to the confessions of those who need to confess their mistakes and ease their conscience.[6][7][8]

Zandalari trolls[]

After the Amani and Gurubashi split off from the Zandalari, other trolls came to regard the Zandalar tribe as an overarching priest caste for all trolls.[9]

The Zandalari invest power in those who speak with the authority of divinity. Their priests are more than just healers - they are also confessors. Evil comes both from outside threats and from within the tribe, and the confessors act as the judges amongst the tribe, preserving them from evil.[10] The confessors not only keep the Zandalari in tune with the spirits, but they also preserve the flesh.[11]

The confessors of the Zandalar all wear a distinctive mantle, marking them as the preservers of the tribe. These mantles are woven with powerful mojo that aids them in judging those who would threaten the tribe.[12]

In Zuldazar, the Dazar'ai are a group of fanatics tasked with defending Atal'Dazar and cleanse it of the corruption brought by Zul,[13] among them are confessors who use the powers of Bwonsamdi and Rezan.


In the Halls of Atonement, the venthyr confessors have the duty to listen and encourage the souls of the dead to confess, as they must confess their sins and mistakes in order to reach repentance, otherwise they would have been sent to the Maw.[14]


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In the RPG[]

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In spite of the fear that even other members of the Scarlet Crusade feel toward them, the Scarlet inquisitors retain the role of confessor, moral support, and other responsibilities that one might expect from a priest of the Church of the Holy Light.[15]


Notes and trivia[]

  • Confessors may use a confessional screen to talk privately with those who wish to meet them.[16]
  • Spell shadow soothingkiss [Confession] was once a priest ability that compelled a friendly target to confess a secret (through subtle mind control).


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