NeutralConfirming Suspicions
Start Kor'vas Bloodthorn
End Prophet Velen
Level 45 (Requires 45)
Category Artifact
Experience 1,650
Rewards 1g 94s
Previous N [45] Gathering Information
Next N [45] Between Worlds


Find Prophet Velen in Dalaran.


That heart is the last remaining piece of Highlord Kruul - once one of the Legion's best warlords.

Many years ago Kruul's armies nearly descended upon the Dark Portal to crush the Azerothian assault on Outland. We Illidari intercepted before he could strike.

I fear that the Legion aims to use the heart to hasten Kruul's resurrection in the nether. We must find the Prophet Velen at once - only he can tell us for sure.


You will receive:

  • 1g 94s
  • 1,650 XP


This is deeply concerning.


Kruul must not be allowed entrance into this world.


Quest accept
Kor'vas Bloodthorn says: During our imprisonment, the Kirin Tor locked Kruul's heart away in Dalaran's vaults to prevent it from falling into Legion hands.
Kor'vas Bloodthorn says: Prophet Velen spends much time tending the wounded. We should start in the first aid building.
Search first aid building
Kor'vas glides in before landing in front of the first aid building.
Kor'vas Bloodthorn says: Never trust a mage to handle a demon hunter's job!
Olisarra the Kind says: You just missed the Prophet, I'm afraid.
Olisarra the Kind says: He was headed to Krasus' Landing, muttering something about the tomb.
Kor'vas Bloodthorn says: We should go to the landing before we miss him again. After you!
Search the landing
Kor'vas Bloodthorn says: There he is!
Prophet Velen says: It seems fate has conspired to bring us together once more, <class>.
The Light will not abandon us.
Gossip Kruul's heart was stolen by the Legion.
Prophet Velen says: I came here to peer into the void above the tomb, searching for answers to a question I did not know.
Prophet Velen says: I feel a dark force in the distance, just inside the Twisting Nether. Let us see what lies behind the veil.
Velen proceeds to channel "Eyes of the Triumvirate".
Prophet Velen says: Show yourself, demon. You cannot hide from the Light!
An image manifests...
Highlord Kruul says: Hide? Pah! You have grown delusional in your age, Prophet.
Highlord Kruul says: Soon your pathetic world will learn firsthand the wrath of Kruul!
Prophet Velen says: So it is true... the highlord returns.


  1. N [45] The Broken Shore: Investigating the Legion
  2. N [45] The Council's Call
  3. N [45] Away From Prying Eyes
  4. N [45] In Dire Need
  5. Depending on Spec:
    • Brewmaster/Blood/Guardian/Protection/Protection/Vengeance
    1. N [45] Legion Threat: Dalaran Infiltration
    2. N [45] Aid of the Illidari / N Demon hunter [45] Vengeance: Seeking Kor'vas
    3. N [45] Gathering Information
    4. N [45] Confirming Suspicions
    5. N [45] Between Worlds
    6. N [45] Dark Omens
    • Holy/Holy/Mistweaver/Restoration/Restoration
    1. N [45] Legion Threat: Val'sharah
    2. N [45] The Bradensbrook Investigaton
    3. N [45] Aid on the Front Lines
    4. N [45] Shadowsong's Return
    5. N [45] Cutting off the Heads & N [45] Quieting the Spirits
    6. N [45] Source of the Corruption
    7. N [45] The Matter Resolved... For Now...
    • Elemental/Feral/Fire/Fury/Outlaw/Unholy
    1. N [45] The Folly of Levia Laurence
    2. N [45] Bargaining with Shadows
    3. N [45] The Acolyte Imperiled
    4. N [45] Dabbling in the Demonic
    5. N [45] Following the Scent
    6. N [45] Unlikely Seduction
    7. N [45] Fel-Crossed Lovers
    • Arms/Frost/Havoc/Survival/Subtlety
    1. N [45] Legion Threat: Azshara
    2. N [45] The Thieving Apprentice
    3. N [45] Professionally Good Looking
    4. N [45] Order of Incantations
    5. N [45] The Archmage Accosted
    6. N [45] A Portal Away
    • Affliction/Balance/Frost/Marksmanship/Shadow
    1. N [45] Legion Threat: The Necromancer
    2. N [45] The Twisted Twin
    3. N [45] Message from the Shadows
    4. N [45] Secrets in the Underbelly
    5. N [45] The Wisdom of the Council
    6. N [45] Where it's Thinnest
    7. N [45] Runes of Rending
    8. N [45] One Step Behind
    • Beast Mastery/Destruction/Discipline/Windwalker
    1. N [45] Legion Threat: Highmountain / N [45] Legion Threat: The Missing Mage
    2. N [45] Rumblings Near Feltotem
    3. N [45] The Burning Birds
    4. N [45] The Tainted Marsh
    5. N [45] Village of the Corruptors
    6. N [45] The Feltotem Menace
    7. N [45] Destroying the Nest
    8. N [45] A Triumphant Report
    • Arcane/Assassination/Demonology/Enhancement/Retribution
    1. N [45] Legion Threat: Suramar
    2. N [45] Fate of the Tideskorn
    3. N [45] The Reluctant Queen
    4. N [45] To Silence the Bonespeakers
    5. N [45] To Tame the Drekirjar
    6. N [45] The Forgotten Heir
    7. N [45] Unanswered Questions
    8. N [45] The Gates Are Closed
  6. N [45] A Gift From the Six
  7. Finales:
    • Elemental/Feral/Fire/Fury/Outlaw/Unholy
    1. N [110] An Impossible Foe
    2. N [110] The Imp Mother's Gift
    • Arms/Frost/Havoc/Survival/Subtlety
    1. N [110] Closing the Eye
    2. N [110] In Safer Hands
    3. N [110] Xylem's Gift
    • Holy/Holy/Mistweaver/Restoration/Restoration
    1. N [110] End of the Risen Threat
    2. N [110] Jarod's Gift
    • Beast Mastery/Destruction/Discipline/Windwalker
    1. N [110] Feltotem's Fall
    2. N [110] Navarrogg's Gift
    • Arcane/Assassination/Demonology/Enhancement/Retribution
    1. N [110] The God-Queen's Fury
    2. N [110] Eyir's Forgiveness
    3. N [110] A Common Enemy
    4. N [110] The God-Queen's Gift
    • Brewmaster/Blood/Guardian/Protection/Protection/Vengeance
    1. N [110] The Highlord's Return
    2. N [110] Kruul's Gift
    • Affliction/Balance/Frost/Marksmanship/Shadow
    1. N [110] Thwarting the Twins
    2. N [110] Raest's Gift

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