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An item is conjured when it is created by an ability, power or spell. Conjured items function like normal items during play, but they will disappear when the character logs out (or gets disconnected) for 15 minutes or more. Conjured items cannot be sold on the auction house nor to a vendor, although some can be traded to another character, and you could charge money for the conjured item in the trade.

Notable conjured items:

Conjuring items via a spell will consumes mana, so plan ahead and ask the mage or warlock for the item before the battle starts as mana is a critical resource for them.

Note that the items are a class of items, and the unique items are unique for each specific item within that class; for instance, a mage could be carrying several different Mana Gems, but although a warlock could create and give away several different healthstones, any one person can only have one healthstone of any level at a given time. In the mage's case, this has diminishing benefit; each item takes an inventory slot, since uniques do not stack, and the benefits scale with the level of the conjuration, so only the top couple currently conjurable will be significantly beneficial.


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Since patch 3.0.2, these conjured items do not fade after logging out for any length of time:

Also note that although a warlock could carry multiple soulstones, firestones, and spellstones of different levels, each of these items is used only one at a time, so there is no point to doing so. Soulstones have an application cooldown that ensures that a warlock can have only one soulstone applied at a time. Firestones and Spellstones are akin to Wizard Oils (these occupied the wand slot prior to Echoes of Doom), and so are applied actively for an hour each.