Conjurer of Stormwind

Dalaran Conjuror.

Conjurers (also spelled conjuror) are seers of mystery, holders of secrets, and dwellers in dream. They are practitioners of the arcane arts, having learned through researching the ancient tomes to bend the forces of nature to do their will. They can make the energies of nature strike down opponents, summon forth great creatures or command the elements.[1] Most conjurers are mages, but they can be also warlocks or necromancers.

Conjurers of Stormwind

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During the First War, there was an order of Conjurers who served the Kingdom of Stormwind. They were a secretive sect, and would only gather and train in their own specially-prepared mystic towers.[1] The most famous conjurer of the time was Nielas Aran, court conjurer and father of Medivh, the Last Guardian. After the conclusion of the First War, the order was utterly decimated by the Horde, but their legacy lived on with the mages who participated in the Second War.

Conjuror of Tirisgarde

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During the third invasion of the Burning Legion, the Tirisgarde was reformed under the leadership of the "Conjuror of the Tirisgarde".[2] They were later given the title Archmage.[3]



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Notable spells

In the RPG

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Conjurers are capable of summoning scorpions and water elementals as well as casting such potently destructive spells like [Rain of Fire] and [Elemental Blast]. Unlike the wizards and mages of the Kirin Tor, who focused on various aspects of the arcane arts, conjurers were primarily concerned with elemental and summoning magics. Conjurers sometimes become warlocks, highly specialized spellcasters who traffick with demonic entities. Upon becoming a warlock, the conjurer increases its devotion to the conjuration school, yet must forsake study in two other schools.[4]

Notes and trivia

  • A conjurer is seen being killed in a flashback by Baron Valimar Mordis in Shadows of Ice.
  • A Human Conjurer takes the place of the queen in the Chess Event in Karazhan.
  • A conjurer is a wizard who specializes in conjuration magic in the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game. Conjuration mostly consists of summoning spells, but healing spells (such as those cast by a cleric) are also considered conjuration.[5] Though it never received a formal article the Warcraft: The Roleplaying Game the class is referenced in DnD WRPG core book and a character with the class appears in Lands of Conflict. Spells from the conjuration school appear throughout both the Warcraft RPG and the World of Warcraft RPG.


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