NeutralConjurer Margoss
Image of Conjurer Margoss
Gender Male
Race Human (Humanoid)
Level 110
Class Mage
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Kirin Tor, Magocracy of Dalaran
Occupation Conjurer
Location Margoss's Retreat, Dalaran
Status Alive
Student(s) Blythe (apprentice)

Conjurer Margoss is a human fishing trainer and vendor found at Margoss's Retreat northwest of Dalaran. He sells various fishing-related items in exchange for  [Drowned Mana], which is fished up from the large pond at the retreat.

In addition to being an NPC, Margoss is also a reputation faction, and many of his goods require a certain reputation level with him. Reputation is gained by turning in Drowned Mana; one Drowned Mana grants 50 reputation, while 10 Drowned Mana grants 500 reputation.

Margoss has an apprentice named Blythe.

Faction description

Once a student of the Kirin Tor, Margoss has turned to fishing to ease his stressful life.

Vendor information

Relevant items
Spell arcane blast.png [Arcane Lure]
1 Drowned Mana
Inv misc head murloc 01.png [Murloc Bobber]
25 Drowned Mana
Inv g fishingbobber 05.png [Squeaky Duck Bobber]
25 Drowned Mana
Inv fish stormraygreen.png [Sting Ray Pup]
50 Drowned Mana
Inv fishmount.png [Brinedeep Bottom-Feeder]
100 Drowned Mana
Inv g fishingbobber 05.png [Crate of Bobbers: Squeaky Duck]
100 Drowned Mana
Inv misc head murloc 01.png [Crate of Bobbers: Murloc Head]
100 Drowned Mana
Inv pet raccoon.png [Trashy]
50 Drowned Mana



Interested in some magic fishing? Sounds cool right?
  • Buy Have any rare fishing goods?
  • Trainer Train me.
  • Gossip Please teleport me back to Dalaran.
After fishing up a Drowned Mana
  • Gossip I have a drowned mana for you.
  • Gossip I have 10 drowned mana for you.

Approaching Margoss while having Drowned Mana in one's inventory will cause him to say:

Looks like you caught some drowned mana? I can take that off your hands...

When Aquaos the Unleashed is summoned:

  • The fishing can wait, help me put this elemental down!
  • This is the problem with magic, you never know when it will turn on you!
  • I always hated water elementals...Espically[sic] big ones like this!


Reputation Level Amount Required for Max level Total Total with 10% Buff
Stranger 0 - 8,400 163† 163 148
Pal 8,401 - 16,800 168 331 301
Buddy 16,801 - 25,200 168 499 454
Friend 25,201 - 33,600 168 667 606
Good Friend 33,601 - 41,999 168 835 759
Best Friend 42,000 - 835 759

† Level requires less Conjured Mana because of N [10-45] Drowned Mana.

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