Not to be confused with Constellas.

Algalon the Observer.

The constellar are a race of mysterious celestial beings who resemble large humanoid-shaped constellations. During the early ages of the universe, when the titan Pantheon brought order to countless worlds throughout the cosmos, the titan leader Aman'Thul called upon the constellar to observe the many worlds ordered by the Pantheon. The constellar stayed vigilant for any signs of instability, and, when necessary, initiated a fail-safe procedure to scour a planet of life and reset its evolutionary process.[1]

The only constellar known by name is Algalon the Observer, who was commissioned by Aman'Thul to serve as Azeroth's celestial guardian.[2]

When the Burning Legion invaded its first world, Sargeras himself annihilated the constellar charged with overseeing the unnamed planet.[3] Aggramar was ordering Draenor at the time and sensed that constellar's death, leading to his confrontation with Sargeras.[4]

Constellar Designates appear as adds during the Argus the Unmaker boss fight, after Aman'Thul's attempt to dissipate Argus's weakened physical form by collapsing time around him with a massive Temporal Blast apparently failed.



This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.
  • The Celestial Defender and Celestial Blacksmith who appear during N [90] The Thunder Forge, and the Conjured Defenders may or may not be constellar. Using a  [Mote of Light] will also transform you into similar constellar-like model under the name of "Celestial Human Illusion".
  • The  [Celestial Steed] and the  [Celestial Dragon] may be related to the constellar in some way. Elegon may also be connected, though his Adventure Guide entry implies that he is simply the result of the focused energies generated by the titan technology in the Mogu'shan Vaults.
  • Harbaron's dungeon journal entry implies that he may be a constellar. He also shares the same basic model with Algalon, and  [Xal'atath, Blade of the Black Empire] mentions that "it was thought his kind was incorruptible".
  • According to one legend,  [The Fist of Ra-den] was crafted for Aman'Thul by mysterious celestial beings that reached into Azeroth's sky, took a single bolt of lightning and shaped it with their hands as if it were clay. The craftsmen then gave the lightning bolt to Aman'Thul, who encased it in stone and branded the rock with titan runes of containment.[5] These creatures may have been constellar.
  • Constellar may be creatures from the plane of Order, given their orderly nature and arcane-like appearance. Eonar and the other titans also resemble them in their non-corporeal forms, such as when manifesting as the Seat of the Pantheon, further indicating a deeper connection between the Pantheon and the constellar.