This is a list of known constellations in the Warcraft universe.


Depiction of Hearthstone's Kraken constellation

  • Turalyon's Hammer[1]
  • After Ysera dies, Elune seems to create a dragon-shaped constellation in the night sky.[2]
  • There are nightborne designs for a spellblade mirroring a treasured constellation of their people.[3]


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Three of Draenor's constellations match up to three artifacts from Azeroth: the Eye of Dalaran, the Jeweled Scepter of Sargeras, and the Book of Medivh. Every 547 years these three constellations undergo a celestial event, and when Ner'zhul combined the three corresponding artifacts with the magical energies released during the event, he was able to open up dimensional gateways to other worlds.[4]

  • The Seer
  • The Staff
  • The Tome

Seer Kazal

Warlords of Draenor This section concerns content related to Warlords of Draenor.
"The stars shape our destinies, child, granting their blessings to the worthy and shunning the weak."
— Seer Kazal

The Shadowmoon orcs have a long history of spirituality and astrology. Seer Kazal <Shadowmoon Exile>, who gave related quests during Bonus Events prior to Legion, describes various stars with special meanings and effects.

  • The blazing star, which sears the earth and parches the landscape. This star is relentless, malevolent almost. While its influence holds, new paths may open up, to distant places and even distant times.[5]
  • The chill star, which shines upon the land with its cold light as even the spirits retreat to the shadows. This star is unlike any other in the skies, sapping warmth and life. Much like the blazing star, while its influence holds, new paths may open up, to distant places and even distant times.[6]
  • The Destroyer's star, which shines upon the land with its piercing light as even the spirits retreat to the shadows. This star is unlike any other in the skies, laying bare the weaknesses of even the boldest heroes. While its influence holds, new paths may open up, to distant places and even distant times.[7]
  • When the sign of the emissary shines in the night sky, the stars strengthen existing bonds and forge new ones. Friendship is still not cheaply won, and deeds will prove loyalty, but trust comes more readily during these days.[8]
  • One alignment of the stars is a dire sign, stirring bloodlust and calling warriors to battle to the death in close quarters. Arena masters turn a tidy profit during these days, likely not understanding why their stands are overflowing.[9]
  • The favorite star of warlords and generals dominates the sky, offering good fortune to tacticians everywhere. Some say that the battle star hones the instincts of commanders to the point of near-prophecy.[10]
  • One configuration of stars causes an unusual vibration in the crystals strewn across Draenor, relics of the ancient Apexis. Some swear that the crystals will multiply when left unattended beneath the night sky, but none have seen the phenomenon firsthand.[11]
  • One alignment of the stars is truly a strange one, causing the tiniest of creatures to gain unnatural aptitude. None of the Shadowmoon sages can explain the phenomenon, but cunning tamers have much to gain, especially by testing their skills against those of their peers.[12]

Constellation statues

Within the halls of Ulduar a few constellations can be found, they are similar in appearance to Algalon:


There are beings that resemble constellations and are often qualified as "celestial".



In World of Warcraft a few items appear to be some kind of solid constellation.


In Hearthstone

Hearthstone This section contains information exclusive to Hearthstone and is considered non-canon.
  • The Kraken, a zodiac constellation[13]
  • The Mammoth, a zodiac constellation[14]
  • The Raven, a zodiac constellation[15]

In the RPG

Icon-RPG.png This section contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.


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