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Construction Projects

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Construction Projects consists of several projects that turn into finished services which can be spawned throughout Mechagon Island. In order to use the service, the project must be completed with the amount of scrap it requires. Multiple players may participate in the construction of a project. Once a project is complete, a player can use it for its intended purpose for the duration.


Drill Rig

Drill Rig UI.jpg

Drill Rigs open up secret locations blocked by boulders, revealing creatures within


Reclamation Rig

Reclamation UI.jpg

The Reclamation Rig attracts dangerous enemies, and players possessing the Supercollider may unlock a special ending with even stronger foes.


Charging Station

The charging station converts empty energy cells into full ones.


Rustbolt Armory

The armory provides free temporary upgrades, including the  [Anti-Gravity Pack] to fly for up to 20 minutes throughout the zone.


Flame Turret


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