NeutralConsular Celestos
Image of Consular Celestos
Title Hand of the Windlord,
Emissary of the Windlord
Gender Male
Race Unbound air elemental (Elemental)
Reaction Alliance Horde
Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Skywall, Earthen Ring
Former affiliation(s) Old Gods' forces[1]
Occupation Thunderaan's hand and emissary, Champion of the Earthen Ring
Former occupation(s) Al'akir's chief advisor and tactician
Location Various
Status Alive

Consular Celestos is an air elemental located in the Heart of Azeroth.


Legion This section concerns content related to Legion.

With the arrival of the Farseer and Nobundo, Celestos states that there has been no peace in the Elemental Plane of air since the death of their previous Elemental lord of air, Al'Akir. The only hope is to retrieve the  [Heart of Skywall] from the Djinn Vortos and combine the  [Damaged Thunderfury] to restore the blade. The consular used the renewed Thunderfury the Farseer gave to him to resurrect Thunderaan to hope one day become the Elemental Lord of his kind.[2][3][4]

Thunderaan instructs Celestos to return to the Heart of Azeroth. There, he becomes the emissary of the new Windlord Thunderaan as well as a champion of the Earthen Ring.


Notable appearances
Location Level range Health range
Skywall 102 - 110 2,611,265
Heart of Azeroth (Class Hall) 105 - 110 207,853,408



Quest text
  • The Windlord has commanded that I shall assist the Earthen Ring in your campaign against the Burning Legion. Lord Thunderaan sees great potential in you, Farseer. As thanks for your help in securing his return as Windlord, he has granted you my services here in the mortal realm. When the time for battle approaches, the armies of Skywall will be at your back.[5]


Heart of Azeroth

The winds heed you.


  • The wind has whispered your name.
  • How may I assist you?
  • I am at your service.
  • How may I aid you?
  • I am yours to command.
  • I do not understand...
  • I am confused!
  • This is NOT amusing!
  • We have work to do!
  • I must protest this behavior!
  • This... is most uncivilized!
  • Let the winds guide you.
  • Where there is wind, so am I.
  • The heavens await your command.


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