NeutralThe Contact from Dalaran
Start Archmage Alturus
End Archmage Cedric
Level 70 (Requires 68)
Category Karazhan
Experience 6250
Reputation +75 The Violet Eye
Previous N [70] Restless Activity
N [70] Arcane Disturbances
Next N [70] Khadgar

Contact from Dalaran is the first quest in the chain that eventually leads to your acquiring  [The Master's Key], which you need to enter Karazhan. This quest becomes available to you after you complete N [70] Arcane Disturbances and N [70] Restless Activity from the questgiver.


Bring Alturus's Report to Archmage Cedric on the outskirts of Dalaran Crater.


These signs do not bode well for us, <name>. I've never been one for secrecy so I will tell you a bit about my organization, The Violet Eye.

We are agents of the Kirin Tor, the Magus Senate of Dalaran. We were assigned to keep an eye on Karazhan and Medivh, in case things got out of hand.

Which they did...very quickly, after Medivh disappeared.

This report details my findings. Take it to Archmage Cedric, also from the Violet Eye; you will find him in the outskirts of Dalaran Crater.


You will receive:


You know of the Violet Eye? You do not look familiar.


Alturus entrusted you with this information? That old fool.

I suppose the damage is done, we might as well make use of you. I suppose you will cooperate?


  1. N [70] Archmage Alturus
  2. N [70] The Contact from Dalaran
  3. N [70] Khadgar
  4. N [70D] Entry Into Karazhan
  5. N [70D] The Second and Third Fragments
  6. N [70D] The Master's Touch
  7. N [70] Return to Khadgar
  8. N [70] The Violet Eye
  9. N [70R] Assessing the Situation
  10. N [70R] Keanna's Log
  11. N [70R] A Demonic Presence
  12. N [70R] The New Directive

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