Anyone got a key?

General term for any item or object that holds other items.

Pointers for opening (objects):

Pointer gear on 32x32.png in range to open Pointer gear off 32x32.png out of range

Types of containers


items that players can equip, that can contain other items at will.

Lootable objects

These objects appear in the world and can be looted. Once they are empty, they disappear.
  • chest objects that can be found around the world and looted. Some may be locked. These include various footlockers, baskets, and so on.
  • Ore veins and Herb objects, which require some level of Mining or Herbalism skill (respectively) in order to open.

Lootable items

These items are gained in various ways. As with lootable objects, once they are empty, they disappear.

Single purpose containers

These objects contain some amount of a single item. While the pointer for opening these containers is the same as that for other containers (eg chests), you are not presented with a list of items that you can choose to get; you simply get one of the item the object has.

Notional containers

These are things that would be considered a container in the real world, but their contents are not represented separately from the item.
  • The  [Water Bucket] item that appears in your inventory when you loot the water tub. It holds water alright, but when you use the bucket, the bucket disappears from inventory.
  • The [Blue Brewfest Stein] and the [Yellow Brewfest Stein] items hold beer. When you drink (use) the stein, it transforms from a 'full of (beer type)' stein to an 'empty' stein.
  • Some letters you can read, some you can't.
  • Similarly, many quest items that are containers (like the  [Dark Iron Fanny Pack]) are only considered in the context of the quest, and thus cannot be opened and examined.