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Containing the Demon Within

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NeutralContaining the Demon Within
Start Baric Stormrunner
End Baric Stormrunner
Level 102 (Requires 102)
Category Inscription
Experience 15,340
Rewards Recipe: Glyph of Fallow Wings
16g 20s
Previous N Inscription [102] Opposites Repel / N Demon hunter Inscription [102] Opposites Repel
Next N Inscription [102] The Burdens of Hunting


Assist Baric in completing the ritual.

  • Start the Ritual
  • Activate the first essence pool
  • Activate the second essence pool
  • Activate the final essence pool
  • Ritual Completed
  • Hide Metamorphasis


Now that we have all the essential pieces, let's begin the ritual.

I'll instruct you on how to help me. It is pivotal that you follow my instructions when I give them, or the ritual will fail.


You will learn: Recipe: Glyph of Fallow Wings

You will also receive: 16g 20s


It is done. I fear that I had waited any longer to improve my wards, the demon in me may have taken over.

Thank you again, <name>.



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