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Control is Key (demon hunter)

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NeutralControl is Key
Start Zaria Shadowheart
End Zaria Shadowheart
Level 102 (Requires 102)
Category Inscription
Experience 15,340
Rewards 40x  [Roseate Pigment]
16g 20s
Previous N Demon hunter Inscription [102] To Know Your Enemy
Next N Inscription [102] Runes of Power


Destroy the crystal providing protecting Overseer Felorax, then slay him.

  • Overseer Felorax slain


I trust you remember why you removed your eyes?

Even though we can see more clearly now, the demons have found ways to mask even their fel energies from us.

A demon commander walks amongst the troops below, commanding them from the shadows. His cloak is powered by an energetic crystal.

Find and destroy that crystal, then kill the commander.


You will receive:
70 inscription pigment roseate.png 40x [Roseate Pigment]

You will also receive: 16g 20s


I commend you, scribe. You are an excellent hunter.

Take this ink as payment for your efforts. I have no need of it.



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