Convention at the Legerdemain

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AllianceConvention at the Legerdemain
Start Katherine Lee
End Arille Azuregaze
Level 77 (Requires 65)
Type Daily
Category Cooking
Experience 16050 (or 9g 93s at level 80)
Reputation +195 Kirin Tor
Rewards [Epicurean's Award]  [Small Spice Bag]
5g 80s
Repeatable Yes


Bring 4  [Northern Stew] that you use your cooking skill to make and a  [Jug of Wine] from the cheese shop in Dalaran to Arille Azuregaze at the Legerdemain Lounge found in Runeweaver Square in Dalaran.


Arille Azuregaze at the Legerdemain Lounge has a convention coming in and needs a feast pronto!

You need to provide 4  [Northern Stew] and a  [Jug of Wine] from the cheese shop "One More Glass" in central Dalaran. The owner of the cheese shop, owes me the wine and you should find it somewhere around the shop.

Bring the wine and stews to Arille.


Where is my food, I will have conventioneers here any minute!


This is plenty of food for everyone! I am sure the customers will be pleased.


You will receive: 5g 80s 1 Epicurean's Award
Inv misc bag 11.png [Small Spice Bag]


  • 16200 XP (or 9g 93s at level 80)
  • 195 reputation with Kirin Tor

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