Conversing With the Depths

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NeutralConversing With the Depths
Start Elder Mana'loa
End Toalu'u the Mystic
Level 72
Category Dragonblight
Experience 25400
Reputation +1000 The Kalu'ak
Rewards  [Chilled Headsmasher] or  [Imported Ironshod Crossbow] or  [Staff of the Spiked Beast] or  [Carved Dragonbone Mace] or  [Gleaming Iceblade] or  [Frostbite Warstaff]
Previous N [72] Freedom for the Lingering


Commune with The Pearl of the Depths and do as the sea-goddess Oacha'noa instructs.

Should you survive the ordeal, return to Toalu'u the Mystic at Moa'ki Harbor.

  • Oacha'noa's compulsion obeyed.


The watery goddess, Oacha'noa, must be consulted; only she will know what the destiny of the Kalu'ak is to be. And only The Pearl of the Depths can call her forth from the murky nether.

Off the coast to the southwest lies The Briny Pinnacle. Atop it sits the altar upon which the pearl rests. Commune at the altar and Oacha'noa is certain to hear your call. Do as she says lest you incur her wrath and bring ruin upon all of the tuskarr.

Should you survive, return to the mystic.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards
Inv mace 65.png [Chilled Headsmasher] Inv weapon crossbow 21.png [Imported Ironshod Crossbow]
Inv staff 76.png [Staff of the Spiked Beast] Inv mace 67.png [Carved Dragonbone Mace]
Inv sword 110.png [Gleaming Iceblade] Inv staff 76.png [Frostbite Warstaff]

You will also receive:


<Name>, you have returned!


You spoke with Oacha'noa?!

If it is her will that we stand with your people then so be it. Elder Ko'nani will accept this as our destiny, for weal or woe.

My people believe that all souls are one with the magic of the world. We must oppose the blue dragon attempts to control the magic or we are all doomed!

I never thought a <race> would be the champion of the Kalu'ak, but you have proven me wrong. On behalf of my people, I give you thanks, <name>.

May the gods smile upon you and keep you safe.


Oacha'noa being summoned
Oacha'noa yells: Little <name>, why do you call me forth? Are you working with the trolls of this land? Have you come to kill me and take my power as your own?
Oacha'noa yells: I sense uncertainty in you, and I do not trust it whether you are with them, or not. If you wish my augury for the Kalu'ak, you will have to prove yourself first.
Oacha'noa yells: I will lay a mild compulsion upon you. Jump into the depths before me so that you put yourself into my element and thereby display your submission.
Oacha'noa yells: Though you are compelled, the choice, and the last step before you leap, are yours. You have twenty more seconds to decide.
If failed
  • Oacha'noa yells: Very well, <name>, you have failed to act. The prophecy is not yours to learn. Do not call upon me again until you have found your backbone!
If success
You jump and complete the quest objective: Oacha'noa's compulsion obeyed.
Oacha'noa yells: Well done, <name>. Your display of respect is duly noted. Now, I have information for you that you must convey to the Kalu'ak.
Oacha'noa whispers: Simply put, you must tell the tuskarr that they cannot run. If they do so, their spirits will be destroyed by the evil rising within Northrend.
Oacha'noa whispers: Tell the mystic that his people are to stand and fight alongside the Horde and Alliance against the forces of Malygos and the Lich King.
Oacha'noa whispers: Now swim back with the knowledge I have granted you. Do what you can for them <race>.


  1. N [72] Spiritual Insight
  2. N [72] Elder Mana'loa
  3. N [72] Freedom for the Lingering
  4. N [72] Conversing With the Depths

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