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For the Cooking profession ability, see [Cooking Fire].

In World of Warcraft, a cooking fire is anything that can be used to make cooked food for the Cooking profession.

Most villages and towns have a campfire, a stove, a brazier, or a fireplace, which all count as cooking fires. Most cooks used to simply visit one of these places to do their cooking (since other options used to require carrying fire supplies).

Now that the Basic Campfire ability no longer requires materials, it may be used anywhere the cook wants to work, without consuming any backpack slots. This has resulted in campfires being made in towns and cities even close to fixed location fires.

Additionally, some items may also act as cooking fires, such as:

Stat gains

  • Cozy Fire - Increases Versatility by 4 for 60 secs (buff repeats every 60 secs if again near the fire).
  • Basic Campfire – A slight cooking skill increase is possible (up to rank 75) by creating fires.