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This article lists quests which are related to the Cooking-profession. They all have in common that they either somehow rewards the player with a Cooking-recipe, requests the player to cook something by using the profession, or both. Note that the numbers beside the quest indicate the quest level, not the cooking level needed for the rewarded recipe.

Alliance Quests

Horde Quests


This quest is available to both Horde and Alliance, but given by different NPC's.

Neutral Quests

  1. N Cooking [35] Noodle Secrets Long Forgotten
  2. N Cooking [35D] The Lost Secret of the Secret Ingredient
  3. N Cooking [35D] Bad Feeling, Worse Result
  4. N Cooking [35] Secrets Lost, Forever?
  5. N Cooking [35] Catch and Carry
  6. N Cooking [35D] Is That A Real Measurement?
  7. N Cooking [35] These Aren't Your Fatty Goatsteaks
  8. N Cooking [35] The Secret Ingredient Is...
    1. N Cooking [35 Daily] Noodle Time
    2. N Cooking [35 Daily] Noodle Time: Bonus

Seasonal Quests

Day of the Dead

Feast of Winter Veil

Pilgrim's Bounty

Daily Cooking Quests

Main article: Daily cooking quests

Removed Quests

These are quests which are no longer in the game. Notably, this causes some recipes to be unobtainable. Most of the quests were removed in Cataclysm.

Changed Quests