• Copper Rod
  • "Needed by an Enchanter to make a runed copper rod."
  • Sell Price: 24c

The sole known use of this item is in the creation of the  [Runed Copper Rod], used in enchanting. It can be purchased from most enchanting and trade goods suppliers.


This item can be purchased for 1s 24c from:

Copper Rod as an ingredient

This item is used to make:

Mists of Pandaria

Mists of Pandaria saw the removal of Blacksmithing spells for crafting various rods for enchanters to use. Enchanting now only requires a Runed Copper Rod. Characters with runed rods above copper did not have them removed from their inventories but will not be able to upgrade them like in previous expansions. These enchanting rods still function, so creating a Runed Copper Rod is unnecessary.

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