Image of Corbyn
Gender Male
Race Raven (Humanoid)
Level 10-45 Elite
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Shield's Rest, Stormheim
Status Active

Corbyn is a raven located on the easternmost point of Shield's Rest in Stormheim. He has a fondness for  [Shiny Bauble]. They can be fished in the waters in front of him. Defeating Ancient Vrykul Spirits wll cause babules to be a guaranteed catch for a short time, while Curious Crows will circle around the waters.


Relevant items
Inv fish stormraygreen.png [Stormray]
10 Shiny Bauble
Inv misc bone 05.png [Moosehorn Hook]
25 Shiny Bauble
Inv misc monsterscales 09.png [Soggy Drakescale]
25 Shiny Bauble
Inv jewelry ring 92.png [Ancient Vrykul Ring]
25 Shiny Bauble
Ability hunter murderofcrows.png [Corbyn's Beacon]
50 Shiny Bauble
Inv helm plate pvppaladin c 01.png [Crate of Bobbers: Carved Wooden Helm]
100 Shiny Bauble


Each  [Shiny Bauble] rewards 75 reputation for Corbyn.

Reputation Level Amount Required Total Total with 10% Buff
Stranger 0 - 8,400 112 112
Curiosity 8,401 - 16,800 112 224
Non-Threat 16,801 - 25,200 112 336
Friend 25,201 - 33,600 112 448
Helpful Friend 33,601 - 41,999 112 560 512
Best Friend 42,000 560 512

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