Corpulous' Mess Hall Rules

Corpulous' Mess Hall Rules is a book written by Corpulous, which can be found next to him in the Heart of Acherus in the Scarlet Enclave.[47.9, 32.2]


Corpulous' Mess Hall Rules

Corpulous great cook of Acherus who make good food for you. He proud to feed mighty Scourge and make stronger. No make Corpulous mad, he no feed you.


Death Knight eat first, ghoul wait turn.

No eat ghoul next to you. Need clean plate first.

Ok add own maggots and lice to food. Corpulous not offended.

Got vermin? Bring to Corpulous!

Ok eat human or elf. Elf other white meat.

Mess part of meal. Corpulous see napkin, Corpulous hang head in shame.

Ok bring back food not rotten enough. Corpulous got three free armpits.

Ok eat with hands or swords. No eat hands or swords.

Zombie need try more food. Think outside the brains.

No eat self.

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