Corrupt Constructs

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NeutralCorrupt Constructs
Start Kaldir Ironbane
End Kaldir Ironbane
Level 20-30 (Requires 20)
Type Dungeon
Category Halls of Stone
Experience 27000
Rewards 13g 60s


Kaldir Ironbane in the Halls of Stone has asked you to kill 3 Dark Rune Giants and Krystallus.


The iron dwarves are busy at work carving out massive stone constructs that I fear will soon be used as powerful weapons.

You must defeat their overseer, Krystallus, and the dark rune giants already walking the halls before it is too late!




Well done, <race>.

Every weapon we can take away from Loken is a great boon to our own war effort.


You will receive: 27000 XP and 13g 60s

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