Corrupted Studies

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NeutralCorrupted Studies
Start Brann Bronzebeard
End Brann Bronzebeard
Level 110 (Requires 110)
Category Archaeology
Rewards  [Ancient War Remnants]
Previous N Archaeology [110] Bits and Pieces


Survey digsites in Stormheim and bring Brann back 200 War of the Ancients Fragments.


Stormheim is steeped with artifacts from tha War of the Ancients. Demon artifacts ta be exact.

I think these artifacts can clue us into some knowledge about their leader, Sargeras. I've already found some fragments to a titan disc, but need ta find the rest of 'em.

I need ya ta dig around Stormheim and see if ye can find any more fragments so we can reassemble the disc.


You will receive:
Inv box 01.png [Ancient War Remnants]


With so many demon artifacts buried here, it's a wonder this place is as vibrant as it is.


<Brann takes the fragments and begins reassembling them.>

Well, ye definitely found more o' the Titan Disc, but ye found something else too.

Here, take a look at that!

Criteria of


  1. N Archaeology [110] Bits and Pieces
  2. N Archaeology [110] Corrupted Studies

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