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Council of Blood

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BossThe Council of Blood
Image of The Council of Blood
Race Venthyr (Humanoid)
Level ?? Boss
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Castle Nathria
Status Killable

The Council of Blood is a group of three venthyr located in Castle Nathria.

Adventure Journal

The Council of Blood presides over courtly functions in Revendreth. Castellan Niklaus is a strict military commander with an indomitable will and impenetrable armor. Lord Stavros, a foppish dandy, leads the court in dance but is also deadly with his blades. Baroness Frieda wields powerful anima magics and commands the dredger wait staff--along with the respect of the entire court.


Lord Stavros yells: How dare you invade my party in such dreadful attire!
Dark Recital
Lord Stavros yells: Everyone, find your partners! Or die!
Danse Macabre
Lord Stavros yells: Everyone, take your positions! It is time for the danse macabre!
Lord Stavros yells: Your steps were simply delicious! Pity you have to die now.
Baroness Frieda yells: Dear guests and vile intruders, take your places for the danse macabre!
Baroness Frieda yells: Enough! Your gyrations sicken me.
Castellan Niklaus yells: Attention! Set formation for the danse macabre!
Castellan Niklaus yells: Stop this nonsense! You have disgraced this gathering long enough!
Lord Stavros Death
Lord Stavros yells: But I am... the life... of the party...
Baroness Frieda Death
Baroness Frieda yells: You will always... be beneath me...
Castellan Niklaus Death
Castellan Niklaus yells: What kind... of strategy... was that...


  • The names of the Council of Blood (Stavros, Frieda, and Niklaus) are likely a reference to comedians Stavros Halkias, Adam Friedland, and Nick Mullen, who host a popular comedy podcast whose name is not suitable for inclusion on this wiki.
  • Additionally, Niklaus is the name of one of the original vampires in The Vampire Diaries and The Originals (TV series), and Stavros is the name of a character Nathaniel Buzolic plays in Pretty Little Liars but is also one of the original vampires in the aforementioned series named Kol. Frieda is similar to Freya, who is another member of the original vampire family of The Vampire Diaries while not being a vampire herself but instead a witch, similar to the ranged attacks of Frieda.
  • The Danse Macabre phase is based on the allegorical genre from the Middle ages of the same name.

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