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NeutralCouncil of Six
Council of Six
The Council of Six in Legion.
Main leader IconSmall Khadgar Archmage Khadgar
Secondary leaders IconSmall Modera Archmage Modera
IconSmall Ansirem Archmage Ansirem
IconSmall Karlain Archmage Karlain
IconSmall Vargoth Archmage Vargoth
IconSmall Kalec Archmage Kalecgos
Race(s) HumanHuman Human
IconSmall DragonBlue2 Blue dragon
  Formerly Blood elfBlood elf Blood elf
High elfHigh elf High elf
IconSmall DragonRed2 Red dragon
Character classes Archmage
Base of operations Chamber of Air, Violet Citadel
Theater of operations Dalaran, Broken Isles
Affiliation Kirin Tor, Magocracy of Dalaran, Alliance
  Formerly Alliance of Lordaeron
Status Active

The Council of Six, also known as The Six, the high council,[1] the Dalaran Council,[2] or the Ruling Council,[3] is the name given to the Kirin Tor high council of Dalaran. These six individuals are the leaders of both the city and all territories under the control of Dalaran. The Six are usually the most senior, but not necessarily the most gifted. They are chosen by several means, magic but one of them.[4]


The council meets in the Chamber of Air, a room with no visible walls — the gray stone floor with its central diamond symbol stood beneath an open sky that shifted and changed rapidly, as if the time sped past within the chamber.

Traditionally, the membership of the Council of Six was kept a strict secret to avoid any danger of bribery, blackmail, and other pressure. When someone met with the Council officially, it was always in a special, enchanted chamber, the Chamber of Air, and the Six would be disguised to keep their identity a secret. The disguises also gave the council an air of mystery, and many of its members delighted in the confusion, making sure no one entered or exited the chamber without being bewildered as to where they had been and whom they had seen and often even what they had said and heard. Of course, in a city populated by magi, such efforts were not always successful, as Khadgar proved with little effort.[5]

Since the reconstruction of Dalaran following the Third War, the Council has chosen to abandon the secrecy of its members.[6] At some point after the attack on Theramore, Vargoth joined the council. Near the beginning of the Burning Legion's third invasion, Khadgar called for a vote to have the Horde return to Dalaran. Jaina was vehemently opposed, especially after the events of the Broken Shore, but she was outnumbered with only Ansirem Runeweaver voting no alongside her. Jaina left Dalaran in anger and Khadgar became the council's leader.[7] When the council next assembled, Kalecgos was seen as the sixth in Jaina's place.[8] Most of the Council participated actively in the war against the Legion, with Modera and Kalecgos even joining the Tirisgarde themselves,[9][10] empowering Artifact weapons[11] and gifting the Violet Spellwing to players who personally helped defeat Argus the Unmaker, an unprecedented victory which decisively ended their long campaign as well as the Burning Crusade.[12]

After they briefly reunited in Dalaran shortly before the Fourth War, Kalecgos offered to allow Jaina to take his place on the Council, and while the two parted on good terms, she rejected his offer to rejoin their ranks, apparently still disagreeing with the Council's actions and reasoning.[13]

During the events of Dragonflight, archmages Khadgar, Kalecgos and Vargoth traveled to the Dragon Isles. Khadgar and Kalecgos focused their attentions on the Azure Span; attempting to unlock the secrets of the blue dragonflight and later reunite said flight.[14] The two later joined the rest of the Aspects in fighting against the Primal Incarnates; specifically Raszageth, as they led the charge into the Vault of the Incarnates.[15] Vargoth travelled to Algeth'ar Academy, convening with several other academics such as Chief Telemancer Oculeth as they studied draconic knowledge.


Violet Citadel Interior

The current Council of Six, sans Kalecgos, in the Violet Citadel.



In the RPG[]

Icon-RPG This section contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

The council meets to discuss important issues and vote on matters — no single member holds sway, and the majority vote decides every issue. In case of a tie, the members reconvene a day later, during which interval each member considers his or her vote and all relevant information.[22]


  • Sometimes, the city's artisans need the approval of the Council for their inventions, such as was the case with the enchanters' Obliterum Forge during the third invasion of the Burning Legion.[23]
  • At some point, the arakkoa Erekem was sent to assassinate the members of the Six but was stopped and imprisoned by the mages of the Kirin Tor.
  • During the early stages of Legion's alpha, Rommath was briefly seen in the Council but was later replaced by Kalecgos.
  • Even after Vargoth is saved from Kathra'natir's control, he is still not present among the Council of Six in subsequent quests involving them such as N [45] The Council's Call.
  • Most of the Council members, even Modera, with the exceptions of Khadgar (who is still widely regarded as an Alliance character) and Kalecgos who are friendly to both factions, appear to be friendly towards Alliance players and neutral to the Horde, although ironically Kalecgos has arguably helped Jaina and the Alliance against the Horde much more so than the other members, even being officially labeled as an Alliance character according to the Ultimate Visual Guide.
  • In-game, Kalecgos and Vargoth are Arcane Mages, Modera is a Frost Mage, Khadgar appears to specialize in all three schools (although possibly leaning towards Arcane), and their former leader Jaina Proudmoore appears to be a Frost Mage as well, although most of the Council members have been seen wielding magics from various schools.
  • While the Kirin Tor eventually supplanted the Magocrats that established them, the origin of the Six as the then-secret rulers of Dalaran is unknown. It is presumed (and only presumed) that the Six ran the Kirin Tor before they ran the city.

Film universe[]

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