NeutralCourt of Harvesters
Venthyr sigil.png
Main leader IconSmall Renathal.gif Prince Renathal
  Formerly IconSmall Denathrius.gif Sire Denathrius
Race(s) IconSmall Venthyr Male.gifIconSmall Venthyr Female.gif Venthyr
Base of operations Sinfall
Sinposium, Darkhaven
Court of the Harvesters
Theater of operations Revendreth, Shadowlands
Affiliation Venthyr Covenant
Status Active
Quartermaster IconSmall Venthyr Female.gif Mistress Mihaela

The Court of Harvesters are a reputation faction in Revendreth comprised of venthyr and their servants. The court is made up of the eponymous Harvesters; venthyr that were created or chosen from former mortals by Denathrius to represent certain sins to be used in the name of Revendreth. These seven harvesters were gifted with special medallions that gave them tremendous powers. After Denathrius' turn to the Jailer, elements of the court rose up in defiance. By the end of the  [Venthyr Campaign], only the faction that rose against Denathrius survives, and more and more venthyr are binding themselves to the court instead of the Master and his tyrants.[1]

If one joins the Venthyr Covenant, one is accepting the gift of the Court of Harvesters.[2]

The Court of Harvesters collectively replaced Denathrius as rulers of Revendreth.[3]


After countless ages spent under the rule of Sire Denathrius, authority in Revendreth is now shared amongst the Court of Harvesters. These noble venthyr carry out the sacred duty of redeeming prideful souls.

The Court of Harvesters are those venthyr who bear the seven Medallions, called the Medallions of the Harvesters,[4] created in Sinfall by Sire Denathrius,[5][6] each containing a fraction of Denathrius' power,[7] and allowing Denathrius to see the actions of each Harvester.[8] The Medallions give each Harvester authority of their respective Ward and duties otherwise, as well as great power.[9][10] There is an area between Sinfall and Castle Nathria with the same name. The Harvesters were originally created in Sinfall, but of the original Harvesters only two remain: Prince Renathal and the Curator. The original Stonewright still exists, but she was stripped of her power; the current Stonewright was the first mortal soul to be sired to become a venthyr.[11]

If a medallion is stolen from a Harvester, so long as it is not removed from Revendreth, the Harvesters are able to locate it by summoning manifestations of that sin from the dais of Sinfall.[12]



Harvester Sin & Medallion Residence & Ward Power & Penance
 Prince Renathal Dominion
 [Medallion of Dominion]
Sinfall, formerly Darkwall Tower; Ember Ward[13] Control venthyr if going against their purpose; alter the fabric of the Shadowlands[14]
 The Accuser Pride
 [Medallion of Pride]
Halls of Atonement; Ceremony Ward Extract anima and sins through Ritual of Absolution[15] and later either sire souls into venthyr, send them back to the Arbiter, or condemn them to the Maw[16]; seal souls in atonement crypts until ready[17]
 The Countess Desire
 [Medallion of Desire]
Redelav Tower; Castle Ward Manage the venthyr nobility and select savory souls for the consumption of the nobles; souls provide service to the venthyr nobility[18]
 The Curator Avarice
 [Medallion of Avarice]
Archivam; Catacombs Ward Keeps the sinstone archive[19]; seal souls within cages and crypts in the catacombs[20][21]
 The Stonewright Wrath
 [Medallion of Wrath]
Dominance Keep; Military Ward Sustains the stoneborn forces and creates living weapons; uses wrathful souls to create both; force souls to confront their violent actions, or beat them until they do[22]
Vacant Envy
 [Medallion of Envy]
Caretaker's Manor; Village Ward Oversees the assignation of sinstones for new arrivals at Pridefall Hamlet; tithes anima from venthyr and souls alike[23]
Vacant Dread
 [Medallion of Dread]
Fearstalker's Lodge; Forest Ward Manages the animal population and helps control the Endmire;[24][25] hunt souls down to make anima extraction in other wards easier[26]



Medallions of the Harvesters


Mistress Mihaela/Darvel the Frugal
Rep Item Cost Type
Neutral  [Spectral Hankerchief] x10 22g 50s Misc
Honored  [Bedazzled Belt] 137g 63s 68c Leather Waist
 [Design: Revitalizing Jewel Doublet] 1,215g Jewelcrafting Design
 [Flourished Cummerbund] 136g 59s 64c Cloth Waist
 [Ostentatious Buckle] 137g 11s 66c Mail Waist
 [Reflective Waistguard] 136g 7s 62c Plate Waist
 [Sinvyr Tea Set] 1,215g Toy
Revered  [Court Messenger Scroll] 250 Polished Pet Charm Pet
 [Courtier's Mantle] 214g 89s 38c Cloth Shoulder
 [Courtier's Pauldron] 213g 32s 94c Leather Shoulder
 [Courtier's Shoulderguard] 215g 65s 49c Mail Shoulder
 [Courtier's Shoulderplate] 214g 11s 16c Plate Shoulder
 [Glittering Gold Sinstone Chain] 1500 Reservoir Anima Back
 [Memory of Norgannon] 990g Misc
Recipe: Feast of Gluttonous Hedoism 1,588g 50s Cooking Recipe
 [Technique: Contract: Court of Harvesters] 1,588g 50s Inscription Technique
Exalted  [Court of Harvesters Tabard] 225g Tabard
 [Court Sinrunner] 27,000g Mount
Illusion: Sinsedge 1,125g Illusion
 [Reinforced High Collar] 128g 43s 61c Neck

Notes and trivia

  • Prince Renathal and the Curator predate all nathrezim.
  • The sins of Revendreth of each Medallion seems to be based off of the Roman Catholic Seven Deadly Sins.
  • The Tithelord we encounter is the 275th Harvester of Envy. The Countess has been the Harvester of Desire for so long, everyone believes she is one of the original, non-mortal venthyr like Renathal, so she may be the second Harvester of Desire. The Stonewright is the second Harvester of Desire.
  • Prince Renathal admitted that if Kael'thas Sunstrider was farther along on his penance, the prince would consider him as a new Harvester of Envy or Dread.[28]


This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.
  • The fact the Medallion of Dominion is capable of altering the fabric of the Shadowlands themselves, and its similarity to the name "Domination" used in the context of the Maw and the Jailer, hints at some connection.
  • Given that we defeated the Fearstalker without attempting to get her sinstone (as was done when usurping the Accuser during the leveling campaign, and as Kyrians use when attempting to coerce the Countess) and we are not explicitly told she was a former mortal (as in the case of the Tithelord), it is possible she was one of the original venthyr made from Denathrius's will.
  • As it is stated that Prince Renathal had control over the Ember Ward, which contained both the nathrezim in Sinfall and the venthyr of the Shrouded Asylum, it is possible he had official purview over both groups in the past.

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