Court of Stars
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Location Suramar, Broken Isles
Race(s) IconSmall Nightborne Male.gifIconSmall Nightborne Female.gif Nightborne
DemonDemonDemonDemon Demon
Man'ari eredarMan'ari eredar Man'ari eredar
End boss IconSmall Nightborne Male.gif Advisor Melandrus
Instance info
Type Dungeon
Advised level 110
Player limit 5

Court of Stars is a level 110 instance located in Suramar.[1] The entrance is in the Aetherium, down an elevator straight ahead from the main gate. Set within Suramar City, the dungeon is an instanced version of the north-eastern half of the inner city.

Originally released with Legion as a Mythic-only dungeon, with Patch 7.2 the dungeon was also made available in Heroic mode.


Dungeon Journal

Even as Legion troops patrol the streets, casting a pall over the grand city of Suramar, the socialites of the Nightborne nobility continue to cling to custom and routine. On this clear night, the cry of revelers echoes through the chill air, as the largest mansion in the Noble District opens its doors for the grand gala. Rumor has it that Grand Magistrix Elisande herself may be making an appearance, in an effort to reassure several of her closest allies despite recent turmoil.

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Boss Item Type
Patrol Captain Gerdo  [Self-Forging Credentials] Arcane artifact relic
 [Epaulets of Deceitful Intent] Mail shoulders
 [Cape of the Duskwatch] Cloak
 [Arcanist's Resonant Robes] Cloth chest
 [Ley Dragoon's Wristbraces] Mail bracers
 [Swordsinger's Wristguards] Leather bracers
 [Arcane Defender's Gauntlets] Plate gloves
 [Guileful Intruder Handguards] Leather gloves
 [Duskwatch Guard's Boots] Plate boots
 [Manawracker Sandals] Cloth boots
 [Flask of the Solemn Night] Healer trinket
Talixae Flamewreath  [Felsworn Covenant] Fel artifact relic
 [Flamewreath Spark] Fire artifact relic
 [Collar of Fiery Allegiance] Mail helmet
 [Netherwhisper Hood] Cloth helmet
 [Chain of Scorched Bones] Necklacce
 [Felbat Leather Pauldrons] Leather shoulders
 [Portalguard Shoulders] Plate shoulders
 [Inferno Breastplate] Plate chest
 [Mardum Chain Gloves] Mail gloves
 [Cord of Wicked Pyromania] Cloth belt
 [Fevermelt Legguards] Leather leggings
 [Infernal Writ] Caster DPS trinket
Advisor Melandrus  [Crux of Blind Faith] Holy artifact relic
 [Edge of the First Blade] Storm artifact relic
 [Helmet of Reverent Loyalty] Plate helmet
 [Veil of Unseen Strikes] Leather helmet
 [Strand of the Stars] Necklace
 [Amice of the Unfurling Tempest] Cloth shoulders
 [Luminous Bladesworn Hauberk] Mail chest
 [Manawracker Bindings] Cloth bracers
 [Arcane-Bound Gale Chain] Mail belt
 [Roaring Breeze Waistguard] Plate belt
 [Swordsinger's Belt] Leather belt
 [Arcane Defender's Pants] Plate leggings
 [Suramar Magistrate Leggings] Cloth leggings
 [Footpads of the Swift Balestra] Leather boots
 [Ley Dragoon's Stompers] Mail boots
 [Jeweled Signet of Melandrus] Ring
 [Windscar Whetstone] Melee DPS trinket

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Bosses Monsters NPCs
Moonlit Landing
The Gilded Market
Midnight Court
Jeweled Estate


Notes and trivia

Patch changes

  • Legion Patch 7.2.0 (2017-03-28): The Arcway and Court of Stars have been added to the Random Legion Heroic list in Dungeon Finder.
  • Legion Patch 7.0.3 (2016-07-19): Added.


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