Court of Zak'rajan

The Court of Zak'rajan is a Zandalari ruin in northern Vol'dun, nestled just below the south side of the Crackling Ridge.[47, 44] The Bone Pit lies to the south. The court is ruled by Zak'rajan the Undying, who ages ago enslaved the souls of his followers and imprisoned them in the golems that patrol the ruins.[1][2][3] A group of vulpera scavengers — Kenzou, Omi, and Tacha — are found with their wagon on the western outskirts of the court and ask adventurers to aid them in plundering the artifacts contained in the ruin.[4] Aside from Zak'rajan's minions, the court is mostly infested by spiders and beetles. Buried Artifacts are scattered around the ruins. A Mysterious Trashpile can be found inside an alcove on the south side of the court.


At the wagon west of the ruins:

Southern outskirts:

Near the Mysterious Trashpile:


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The Court of Zak'rajan is a Zandalari archaeology dig site.