Court of the Highborne

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Court of the Highborne

The Court of the Highborne is the name of an area in Dire Maul West. It is located beyond Capital Gardens and leads on into Prison of Immol'thar.

The court itself is spread over several levels, the lowest of which is inhabited by Tendris Warpwood. The central halls, which lie on the same level as Capital Gardens, are rife with banshees, wraiths, and ghosts of former Highborne who once inhabited the city. Tsu'zee and Magister Kalendris can both be found here.

The upper level is home to more ghosts, as well as skeletons and faerie dragons. Illyanna Ravenoak and her pet bear Ferra are also located here. Shen'dralar Ancient, who gives the quest to kill Immol'thar and Prince Tortheldrin, is also found on the upper level, as well as two of the pylons that need to be shut down for this to happen. These pylons are guarded by mana surges.