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Cove of Nashal.

The Cove of Nashal[35, 27] is a large cove located in northwestern Stormheim. It was here that Sylvanas Windrunner's fleet of Forsaken ships arrived at the Broken Isles in search of an artifact. They were attacked by the Alliance aboard the Skyfire.

The remains of the six vessels, called The Banshee's Wail, The Blightcaller, The Black Rose, The Eternity, The Windrunner, with the last one being unnamed, can still be found here.

One ship was smashed into the cliffs, another was almost completely submerged, and three others washed onto the shore and were swarmed with creatures affected by the chemical "byproducts" that the Black Rose transported, or by 7th Legion troops. The only ship still manned by Forsaken, the Blightcaller, is undergoing repairs per Nathanos' orders, and fending off assaults by makrura.

The Mistclaw makrura inhabit the cove.


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