Image of Cowlen
Gender Male
Race Night elf (Humanoid)
Level 1-30
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Darnassus
Location Azuremyst Isle[16.1, 93.6]
Status Alive
Relative(s) Thalrisa (wife), Magwin (daughter)

Cowlen is a night elf quest giver located on the pier on southern Silvermyst Isle in Azuremyst Isle.

Cowlen is one of the many who journey to Blood Watch to celebrate the hero of Bloodmyst and Azuremyst.




<Cowlen sobs.>

If the player is a draenei

What could I have done to give the gods cause to lash out at me with such ferocity? All that I cherished is gone - dead or destroyed. My family taken from me by the brutes of the forest. My home razed. My ship sunk.

I am a broken man, stranded on a broken island.

Perhaps you are you here to finish the job? Make it quick, I will not resist. Take my life, stranger; I am too cowardly to do it myself. My hand shivers... the blade will not strike true.

Gossip I have not come to kill you, night elf. And the gods did not do this...

If not the gods, who? How? What could cause such strife?

Gossip I fear that my people are somewhat responsible for this destruction. We are refugees, displaced from our homes by the Burning Legion. This tragedy is a result of our latest evacuation. Our vessel crashed - this debris is a part of that vessel.

Legion? Demons? They hunt you? My people have also been hunted by Legion: Targeted by their dark masters for damnation.

<Cowlen wipes the tears away.>

It is the reason that I moved my family here oh-so-many years ago.

Gossip We have much in common, night elf. I can't help but feel that perhaps it was fate that brought us together. Let me help you, Cowlen. Let my people help. We will right the wrongs. This I vow.

After finishing A [1-30] All That Remains and A [1-30G] A Cry For Help

With you and your people as allies, we have decided to stay on this island and rebuild. Elune bless you, hero.

While the sadness still comes and goes, I think we will survive.

In Blood Watch

We have traveled far to celebrate the hero of the draenei people.

Gossip during A IconSmall Draenei Male.gifIconSmall Draenei Female.gif [1-30] The Unwritten Prophecy

I would have traveled across the Great Sea to see you, friend. We will never forget what you did for us.

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