HordeCrab Fishin'
Start Tora'jin [68.5, 87.7]
End Tora'jin [68.5, 87.7]
Level 1-10
Category Echo Isles
Experience 250
Reputation +250 Darkspear Trolls
Rewards 50c
Previous Moraya


Kill Pygmy Surf Crawlers and collect 5 Fresh Crawler Meat.


Perhaps me agin' body is just growin' too picky after all dese years, but boar meat just ain't goin' down easy no more. More for da new recruits I be thinkin'.

We just set out some crab traps, but if ya be willin' ta help an impatient old troll, I'd love ta have some fresh crawler meat right now. Dey're all around da island, but da best spot ta be huntin' them is off da eastern coast.


You will receive: 50c


Da sea be offerin' few boons as delicious as fresh crawler meat.


Oi! Tasty, mon. Thank ya for your great kindness, young one. Da spirits shall surely be regardin' ya with great favor.


  1. H [1-10] The Rise of the Darkspear
  2. Class quest:
  3. H [1-10] A Rough Start
  4. H [1-10] Proving Pit
  5. H [1-10] More Than Expected
  6. H [1-10] Moraya
  7. H [1-10] A Troll's Truest Companion
    Side quest: H [1-10] Crab Fishin'
  8. H [1-10] Saving the Young & H [1-10] Mercy for the Lost & H [1-10] Consort of the Sea Witch
  9. H [1-10] Young and Vicious
  10. H [1-10] Breaking the Line
  11. H [1-10] No More Mercy & H [1-10] Territorial Fetish
  12. H [1-10] An Ancient Enemy
  13. H [1-10] Sen'jin Village

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