The Cracked Coast

The Bilgewater Cartel mining camp

Arlethal Sunwatcher's camp

The Cracked Coast is a large, cliffy area encompassing the southwestern shoreline of Vol'dun, stretching from the Terrace of the Devoted in the north to the Port of Zem'lan in the south. The northern outcroppings are mainly inhabited by lashers, and the vulpera Jenoh has set up a small camp here. Further south, the Bilgewater Cartel—with funds from the Reliquary—has set up a mining operation by harvesting Azerite from nodes along the shoreline, but are beset by roaming sandstorm elementals. Paths from this shore area lead up to the beetle-filled Carapace Ridge among the eastern cliffs. Finally, at the Cracked Coast's southern tip, right next to Scalefang Outpost, the Reliquary member Arlethal Sunwatcher has set up a small camp.


In the northern cliffs:

At a small camp near the Terrace of the Devoted:[29.6, 59.4]

On the lower western shoreline:

At the Bilgewater camp in the south:[26.2, 73.6]

At the Reliquary camp on the coast's far southern end:[28.8, 75.6]