Crackling Ridge

The Crackling Ridge[49, 38] is a tall mountain ridge in northern Vol'dun inhabited by a large pterrordax brood. It roughly stretches from Bwoljin's Fall in the west to the upper cliffs of the Slithering Gulch in the east, with the main Slithering Gulch area forming a gap between the north side of the Crackling Ridge and the south side of Skycallers' Spire. The pterrordax patriarch Rakjan the Unbroken dwells on Rakjan's Peak at the top of the mountain. Vorrik's Sanctum sits on the ridge's northern slopes while the Conqueror's Path runs along its entire northern side. The Court of Zak'rajan lies just to the south of the ridge.

The mountain has recently been invaded by the Faithless, who use magical suppression spires to enslave the pterrordax and train them as mounts.[1][2]