Crafted Heavy Shot

Inv ammo bullet 02.png1000

Crafted Heavy Shot was a bullet, used for ranged fighting with guns.


The bullets were made by Engineers, requiring a skill level of 75.

The components are:
Inv misc dust 02.png 1x [Coarse Blasting Powder] Inv ingot 02.png 1x [Copper Bar]


The components created 200 bullets.

This bullet gave the highest DPS for hunters at level 19, when used with Inv weapon rifle 08.png [Lil Timmy's Peashooter] or Inv weapon rifle 07.png [Lovingly Crafted Boomstick]. These with the Peashooter gave 18.7 DPS, which was more than was possible with the WSG bow ( Inv weapon bow 02.png [Outrunner's Bow] or Inv weapon bow 06.png [Outrider's Bow]), since arrows at level 19 added only 3.2 DPS (for a total of 18.4).

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