Crafted mounts are mounts created by crafting professions. Currently, Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Engineering, Jewelcrafting, Leatherworking and Tailoring offer recipes for crafted mounts.


Alchemists can use archaeology to find a recipe that will teach them to create  [Vial of the Sands]. The vial teaches players how to turn into a [Sandstone Drake], a flying mount that allows for one passenger.


Blacksmiths can craft the  [Steelbound Harness], which teaches the Steelbound Devourer mount.


There are two flying machines that can be crafted and used only by engineers.

Engineering also allows a character to create a faction-specific ground mount that can carry one passenger. Unlike flying machines these bikes can be used by non-engineers. Obtaining this mount awards the achievement  [Get to the Choppa!].

Engineers can learn to create a rocket mount based on their specialization, which can be sold to non-engineers. Gnomish engineering can only make the  [Geosynchronous World Spinner], while Goblin engineering can only make the  [Depleted-Kyparium Rocket].

There are also other unique flying mounts that engineers can learn and sell to other players.


Mount Journal
Legends say that an ancient pandaren emperor crafted the first jeweled panther for his son after the boy's twin brother died of an illness.

Jewelcrafters can learn to make five jewel panther mounts that can be sold. The first four are the  [Jade Panther],  [Sunstone Panther],  [Ruby Panther] and  [Sapphire Panther]. The first four are then themselves used as mats to create the  [Jeweled Onyx Panther]. This means to have all five, the first four are created twice, one set to be mounts, and another set as mats.


Leatherworkers can craft two mounts, and only the Dustmane Direwolf requires Leatherworking to ride.


Tailors can craft four flying carpets which require tailoring to be used.