Crater of Conquerors

The crater's western entrance

The Crater of Conquerors[46.8, 32.4] is a huge crater at the western end of the Slithering Gulch in northern Vol'dun. It ostensibly serves as a slave camp for the Faithless sethrak where they keep the Zandalari and vulpera they capture from across Vol'dun before sending them into the Slithering Gulch to be sold at the slave markets.

After taking over Vorrik's Sanctum just to the south, vulpera led by Kiro and Nisha began sneaking into the crater at night to liberate vulpera slaves while Meerah organized transports to carry them to safety.[1] After arriving at Vorrik's Sanctum, the Horde adventurer joined up with the vulpera and helped Nisha arm and free the slaves in the crater,[2][3] starting a revolt that kept the Faithless distracted long enough for Vorrik to make his move against Emperor Korthek.[4]


During the main storyline


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