NeutralCrisis Management
Start Belloc Brightblade [24.4, 64.6]
End Belloc Brightblade [24.4, 64.6]
Level 30-35
Category Uldum
Experience 43900
Rewards 8g 60s
Previous N [30-35] Make Yourself Useful
Next N [30-35] Battlezone


Belloc Brightblade wants you to reaassure the guests at Schnottz's Landing.


There is a delicate situation that calls for the... objective discretion of an outsider.

You see, an unfortunate incident has upset some of our guests. Rest assured, our top men are sorting out the details.

In the meantime, it would be wonderful if you could calm some of our more squeamish visitors.

Handle this well, and the furrier is sure to hear of it!


You will receive: 8g 60s


Were you able to put the guests' minds at ease, <race?>


Hmm, still a bit frazzled, are they?

Well, you know what they say. Time heals all wounds.

Except for those of the ambassador, of course...


Ambassador Laurent was attacked in the building he was in, and made his way out to the central area, leaving a blood trail to the center of the camp before dying. The four NPC targets are standing around Laurent's corpse.

On completion, one of Schnottz's bodyguards rushes into the hut:

Schnottz's Bodyguard yells: Hide your vives! Hide your children! Zhey're killink everyone up in he'ah!
Belloc Brightblade yells: What are you talking about, goblin? Speak!!
Schnottz's Bodyguard yells: Zhe shtatues! Zhey're aliiive!
Schnottz's Bodyguard yells: Zhey're runnink around killink everyzhink! Shtompink! Like zhis!!
The bodyguard stomps on the ground.
Belloc Brightblade yells: What are you waiting for? Get out there and stop them!
Schnottz's Bodyguard yells: Of course, sir! At Vonce!

The commander offers the next quest, N [30-35] Battlezone


  1. N [30-35] Eastern Hospitality
  2. N [30-35] A Favor for the Furrier / N [30-35] The Desert Fox
  3. N [30-35] Idolatry / N [30-35] Angered Spirits / N [30-35] Fashionism
  4. N [30-35] Gobbles!
  5. N [30-35] Make Yourself Useful
  6. N [30-35] Crisis Management
  7. N [30-35] Battlezone
  8. N [30-35] Missed Me By Zhat Much!
  9. Complete all of:
  10. N [30-35] Firing Squad

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