NeutralCrisis at the Sunwell
Start Adyen the Lightwarden
End Exarch Larethor
Level 25-30
Category Isle of Quel'Danas
Experience (or 75s at 70)
Rewards 44s


Adyen the Lightwarden on the Aldor Rise in Shattrath City has requested that you travel to Sunwell Plateau and speak with Larethor.


By the naaru, I thank you, <race>, for your efforts.

Our work is far from finished, however, and I must request that you undertake a critical mission - one as important as any I've issued.

Our forces are spread thinly. To compound the strain, we've had to dispatch a contingent to Azeroth to investigate developments at the Sunwell Plateau.

You are needed there, <name>. Report to Larethor. Tell him that I wish we could spare more men.


Another soldier from Shattrath? A welcome sight!

Wish there were more of you, but we'll make due with what we have. Whatever's going on out here won't wait for us to make ready.

Have a look around, <class>. There's much that needs doing. Pitch in and do your share.

Oh, yeah, and don't go tauntin' the cryers - err, Scryers. Looks like we're in this thing together....

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