Kill 50,000 Critters.


  • Probably the fastest place to AOE critters is at the tunnel from Thondroril River through to Eastern Plaguelands [10, 25].
  • Another area is the plateau in northwestern Mulgore [32, 8]. Not so good for AOE, but good for a hunter with appropriate targeting macros.
  • To easily complete this achievement, go to [83.9, 36.1] (where the old snake boss used to be) and kill there.
  • If there is another guild farming the are as you wish to do, join raid with them. You'll get credit for their kills, and vice versa.

Hunter Macros

  • If you are farming the Mulgore plateau with a hunter, these macros might help:
/target mouse
/script SetRaidTarget("target", 8);
/target prairie
/script SetRaidTarget("target", 3);
/target rabbit
/script SetRaidTarget("target", 6);

Bind these to keys on your secondary action bar, and hit the three quickly in succession. The first one, you will probably shoot. The second, your pet will attack. The third you will shoot when your AutoAttack is ready again. Then, cycle the three again, moving around the plateau as you run out of targets in an area. Don't stack up your pet with too many targets, as if it goes from one target to another that is in its queue, you don't get the credit for subsequent kills from its target queue.

Achievement chain

Patch changes

  • Cataclysm Patch 4.0.6 (2011-02-08): Critter Kill Squad has been fixed to only grant 1 kill per party/raid per critter, as opposed to 1 kill per party/raid member per critter.
  • Cataclysm Patch 4.0.3a (2010-11-23): Added

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